Creative Proteomics Developed Comprehensive Peptide Service After Its Successful Release of Peptide Biomarker Service

Creative Proteomics, an excellent supplier and manufacturer in proteomics field, developed its comprehensive peptide service after its successful release of peptide biomarker service.

April 17, 2017 – According to the senior scientific officer in Creative Proteomics, this newly-developed comprehensive peptidomics service can not only identify and validate all endogenous peptides in a biological sample, but compare expression level of the peptides of interest for specific biomedical processes.

With years of experience in peptidomics service field, Creative Proteomics has gained a good fame from its clients and customers. It is known that peptides are ideal biomarker candidates due to their multiple involvement in biological system. Since its release in Creative Proteomics, there are two peptidomic approaches for biomarker discovery are under investigation, they are pattern recognition and mono-/oligo- biomarker detection. For the pattern recognition, obtaining identity information of biomarker candidates is not in need except for the MS pattern. However, compared with pattern recognition, single/olig biomarkers are much more useful and reliable, because peptide differences in expression levels can be assigned and validated in biological samples collected from multiple sources.

So it can be said that Creative Proteomics’ peptide biomarker characterization is unmatched and this service now is also very popular among its loyal customers.

Due to the success, Creative Proteomics took advantage of this chance to develop and carry out its comprehensive peptidomics service.

Through sophisticated research and continuous testing, scientists in Creative Proteomics have completed the whole processes of this service successfully. And they also described the detailed information of performing this service for customers, which is just like the processes displayed in the image below.

With the help of advanced technologies, such as MS/MS spectra, LC-MS and so on, Creative Proteomics can also meet all kinds of requirements from customers, providing customer-tailored analytical service in peptidomic researches.

It is assured that these two fantastic services from Creative Proteomics will bring great benefit for this company and its customers too. Because peptidomic studies can offer a walth of infomration about disease states, drug efficacy or toxicity, which can not be ignored in life science field. 

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