FanHalf Announces Exciting Giveaways For The 2017 NBA Playoffs

The ultimate online platform for fantasy sports lovers is bringing them iPads, authentic NBA jerseys & much more

Miami, FL, USA – April 17, 2017 – FanHalf has announced the exciting Giveaways for the 2017 NBA Playoffs. FanHalf is a brand new DFS (daily fantasy sports) site geared towards the fans of fantasy sports. The ultimate fantasy sports platform has successfully kicked off their free contests where participants entered to win up to 8 authentic NBA jerseys on April 15 and 16. Those who know their teams had a chance to win lots of prizes in those contests. Now, they are hosting paid contests where participants will be awarded up to two iPad Mini 4 tablets for having the highest accumulative scores throughout the first two rounds of the NBA Playoffs.

“Participants have entered contests for the NBA teams they love and won jerseys of their own choice of any player on that team,” said the spokesperson of FanHalf while talking about the contests. “Sports fans can visit and join the site to play in the contests from the start of the 2017 NBA Playoffs in order to enjoy the free giveaways,” the spokesperson added. The participants who score the most accumulative points during the first round of the playoffs will win an iPad Mini 4.

In addition to the jerseys and the iPad, the player with the most points in the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs will also win an iPad Mini 4. The contest will give an amazing opportunity to the participants who can test their knowledge of their favorite team while playing. Participants can watch the first half of the game and predict the second half which makes winning more convenient for them. FanHalf is reshaping the world of fantasy sports, enabling energetic supporters to back their teams while winning prizes.

The aim of FanHalf is simply to put the ‘Fan’ back in fantasy sports. Fans are watching their favorite sports teams in the arena or on TV, and FanHalf gives them an opportunity to earn money as well as prizes while doing so. The future for this brand is to provide a platform for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB fanatics and redefine the way these fans support their favorite teams. Millions of Americans watch and love these games and FanHalf is only making it more productive and interesting for them.

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