It’s time to choose Airwheel R3 Smart Electric Assist Bike

Maybe it is less challenging of being ordinary in the everyday city life. But the life will be definitely less enjoyable when people get used to the ordinary life. For those who have been fed up with the ordinary in everyday city life, it is time to change with Airwheel R3 citizen folding electric bike.

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There are so many ways of being ordinary in everyday city life. When people are fed up with the ordinary life, Airwheel R3 is their best way of challenging the ordinary. How can Airwheel R3 be the toy beating the ordinary in people everyday life?

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Airwheel, a leader in global portable intelligent transport industry keeps going. As the new product series in Airwheel family, R series products adopt the new product designs that take inspirations from bikes. So the R3 electric assist bike are favoured by young citizens.

 intelligent e bike

The ideas and pioneering exploitation in designing R3 of Airwheel make it the product leading the vehicle industry. The amazing performances and fantastic design of R3 attracted people’s attention when it was first introduced to the public.

Airwheel has chosen the top-quality vehicle units for R3 skateboards. The wheels of R3 city electric bike are the modified models from tyre, which have good grip capability because of the special treads outside the wheels. The elastic vehicle units above the wheels are the shock absorption modules, which greatly reduces the impacts of running on roads with bumps.

city electric bike

Some components of Airwheel R3 are foldable. Both the polish frame and some part of the bike part are foldable, which makes it convenient to take out and easy to store. The operation bar is also adjustable.

With R3 intelligent e bike, riders will truly understand how Airwheel perfectly combines fun toys with helpful vehicles. Airwheel R3 make people enjoy the fun of riding anywhere in their city life and motivate people’s creation of playing R3 with the various functions and performances of R3.

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When the lovers walk along the river or road, two sets of Airwheel R3 will make the rendezvous more romantic and beautiful. This kind of rendezvous surely enhances the love and feelings between the two. To sum up, Airwheel R3 citizen folding electric bike helps people change the ordinary life.

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