Pool Maintenance in Las Vegas Made Easy: Why Residential Pools Are So Trendy in the US Today

The number of residential pools in the US has grown by over 50% in the last decade. The ease of maintenance is one of the reasons that made them more popular and today every Las Vegas resident can have their pool cleaned and cared for by pros.

According to the latest survey, almost 20 million people in the US live in houses that have a pool, spa, or hot tub. This is a huge increase compared to 2005, when less than 5 million of US homes were equipped with in-ground pools. This huge increase in the interest to being a private pool owner is caused by a variety of reasons. One of them definitely is the fact that today, pool maintenance has become easy and affordable.

The residents of Las Vegas now have a chance to judge this themselves by booking a comprehensive pool cleaning and maintenance session at LasVegasPoolHelp.com

Reasons Why Having a Pool Is a Great Idea

Numerous surveys show that swimming is the fourth most popular physical activity in the US. 36% of kids and 15% of adults swim at least 6 times per year, either in pools or in natural bodies of water.

The reason why this sport is so popular is because it’s highly enjoyable. Nothing feels quite as good as immersing oneself in cool water on a scorching hot summer day. The good news is that this activity is not only pleasant, but also extremely beneficial for health.

Anyone can swim as water reduces the strain on the muscles and joints. In fact, this type of exercise is advised to those recuperating from an injury or suffering from arthritis. Swimming is often included in physical therapy programs as this activity helps restore the body with a minimal risk of injury.

When one takes these factors into account, it’s easy to see why going to a pool is a good idea. However, public pools are filled with bacteria and dangerous parasites that can withstand even chlorine, and so are natural bodies of water.

Having a pool at one’s home solves this problem as it’s easy to keep it perfectly clean. The new pool maintenance company in Las Vegas makes this task easier by offering a variety of services at reasonable rates.

Visit http://www.lasvegaspoolhelp.com/ to learn what exactly this new business can do and how they ensure that the treated pool meets the US health and sanitation standards. One can book the service or get a quote through the website or contact the company for more information.

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