Doga Towels Offers the Softest and Most Luxurious Towel for Various Uses

Waltham, MA – April 17, 2017 – Doga Towels is a company that is known for designing environment friendly towel products that are gentle to the skin and guarantee a positive user experience. The average towel often develop a funky smell after being used for a few times. This is because of mildew and bacteria grow on the towel. However, the naturally antimicrobial properties of Doga Towels help ensure Dogas are not covered with mildew, harmful bacteria and other microbes that cause skin and health problems. The fibers and weave of Doga Towels are soft, luxurious, light and durable which means that these products can be used for a long time. Whether a user is looking to find the finest quality beach towel or bath towel, Doga Towels are the perfect solution.

Doga Towels are made of organic cotton and bamboo, which means they dry quickly and do not develop that ‘gross towel smell’ often associated with other towels. This makes Doga Towels excellent for travel, sports and adventure activities. They also make great gifts for wedding showers, birthdays and other special events. Doga Towels are available in both Classic and Sport variations. The Doga Classic towels have traditional tassels, making them a functional towel, or shawl and blanket. The Doga Sport is designed for high end adventurous and sports activities, and have no tassels. However, the unique thing about these towels is that they easily fold down to about one-third the volume of regular towels. This makes them perfect for all gym bags.

These towels are perfect for quick weekend getaways and even long-term holidays. They can also be used for gym activities as well as spa retreats. The versatile towels are ideal for all kinds of events and situations. Moreover, unlike the average towels, it is not necessary to wash these towels nearly as frequently. This naturally helps to save on water expenses and maintenance efforts.

Anyone looking for top-notch blanket products or similar home goods can rely on Doga Towels for offering the best experience. Currently Doga Towels is raising an Indiegogo campaign for obtaining funds to produce The Doga in three new sizes: a standard bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth.

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Doga Towels is towel company known for producing innovative and luxurious towels.


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