Yippr Pet Supplies Releases Premium LED Dog Collar

Estancia, NM – Everyone wants to provide their pets with only the best. Whether it is the ingredients in the food they eat, or the materials used in their bedding, or any other part of their life, pet owners want to ensure their furry friends stay happy and healthy. The Yippr light up dog collar is just one of the premium items that dog owners everywhere are now getting for their pups.

Undoubtedly, there is no shortage of options for run-of-the-mill pet supplies. Everything from treats, to toys, to seat covers and leashes have been produced and trotted out by innumerous companies. With all of the competition available, it can be difficult for many pet owners to find which brand actually offers the best product. Sometimes, they’ll be forced to simply go with whatever limited selection their local pet store has. Which can leave them reading limited reviews or asking the employees of the store for their feedback, which happens to be no one’s favorite way to shop.

Yippr Pet Supplies has been in the business of providing pet owners with an online warehouse full of options to fit any pet owners pet and budget. The latest of their endeavors that has begun to turn heads is their LED dog collars by Yippr. These rechargeable dog collars come to life with LED lights, quickly recharged by a USB port that remains safely covered during use. Pet owners everywhere have come to appreciate them for their flare as well as their functionality.

“With the hours I get at work, the only time I really have to walk my dog is after dark,” explained one customer, Katy Wilson. “I’ve always worn reflective clothing, but now with multi-colored lights illuminating boldly from my dog’s neck, I feel much safer taking him out near the road during the night.

Right now, Yippr offers both economy and premium versions of their Yippr light up dog collar—both being picked up by pet owners far and wide. The variety of colors, its extended battery life, and its super thin but strong build are just a few of the reasons that customers say they proudly have one on their dog. Yippr Pet Supplies has really taken off on the online marketplace for pet owners in recent years, and with new innovative gadgets and gear continually on the rise, it’s difficult to imagine them leaving anytime soon.

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