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Austin, TX – Online marketplaces and internet shopping have created a multitude of opportunities to purchase products that would be otherwise undetected in stores. With limited shelf space, stores can only afford to stock products that would sell most rapidly, which usually correlates to stocking the most popular and established brands; online shopping websites, however, have no such problem, and can offer all the products they have warehouse space to store. This creates an issue unique to the 21st-century shopper. With seemingly endless pages of search results and hundreds of listings for many common goods, finding the most suitable product has become a hassle.

The process gets especially muddled when buying products with overflowing competition and widely varying specifications, such as electronics. Take headphones, for example: the main, overarching grouping of “headphones” then splits to in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones, then delineates even further by specifications such as the amount of bass, color, brand, and Bluetooth compatibility. With so many options, consumers become lost in the swarm of products. Unbiased online review pages have become more integral to finding the perfect products than ever.

One such company is Best Viva. Best Viva provides streamlined, top-ten reviews for common goods, spanning from rear view cameras to toilet seats, to help consumers understand the best products on the market and which products best suit their needs. Their entirely unbiased opinions are unchanged by the impact of large brand names over start-up companies, offering reviews solely based on the product and its merits, ensuring that consumers get a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each product. Products are selected by their unique and superior designs, comparative functionality, versatility for use, and the value of the product for the cost. This ensures that products listed on their top-ten lists are durable, flexible, and generally exceptional.

Furthermore, offers tips for identifying the best products and for best understanding what qualities may be important to each unique individual. They identify and explain different aspects of products, such as the relative merits of different subtypes (consider again the types of headphones), the components of the product and their respective importance, and general tips for use. These reviews show consumers the pros and cons of specific brands and devices and can help consumers identify the product with the best fit for their lifestyle and specific needs. The services provided by online review websites have become instrumental in assisting consumers to understand the confusing world of online shopping.

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