Profit Jackr Has Launched: The First App That Can Utilize Youtube Videos Legally For Campaign Backlink And Syndication

Driving traffic to the business has always been a top priority of any marketer. There are thousands of ways to influence the traffic flow. But what most of the traffic seekers do not really know is that there is now a new method to rake in the traffic with ease. This method is called Profit Jackr.

Profit Jackr is a brand new web-based software that enables marketers to make the best out of their campaign. The tool focuses on generating the high-quality traffic for video campaigns and then maximizes it regardless of the niche. Profit Jackr is the first app that can utilize YouTube videos legally for campaign backlink and syndication.

This tool allows users to connect their web app to their YouTube channel. At the minute a video is uploaded to YouTube, Profit Jackr will start the backlink and syndication campaign. Also, the system features Manual Poster allows manual posting directly from the app.

By using Profit Jackr soft, users are able to schedule which times they want their campaigns to start with the built-in scheduler. Besides, the product also includes the Profit Jackr Analyzer feature with an updated launch list from Muncheye. Marketers are now able to view the details of the upcoming launch and the best part about this feature is that it lets they know which launch is easy to rank for.

Moreover, the tool facilitates its users to have the full control over the performance of their campaign. It is easy to evaluate the campaign’s productiveness. Eventually, every correcting and monitoring action will be taken as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at some basic benefits that users can reap from Profit Jackr software:

• Fully hosted on the cloud without installing or downloading anything
• Users are allowed to automate the age old proven method of launch jacking within a few clicks
• Get page 1 rankings on Google and YouTube so users can generate massive free traffic and passive income
• Takes only mere minutes and just a few clicks to setup the entire system
• There no need for users to do boring, tiring or tedious manual work. They can let Profit Jackr do all the hard work for them
• No monthly payment required to use this powerful software, it is only a one-time payment.
• Earn a passive income whereby you set, forget and profit from over & over again passively
• Simple software interface that even a newbie can use to profit from

The platform is designed to be simple to use as it it just a three-step procedure. Users begin with setting up Profit Jackr app with just a few click, then connect YouTube to the software. After that, all they have to do is to step back and let Profit Jackr does everything for them.

Once users purchase Profit Jackr, not only do they get a powerful software, but also a step-by-step video training course that shows them how to get going with the product and start generating income instantly. The course will teach marketers everything they need to increase revenue even if they are a total newbie.

Mosh Bari, an affiliate marketer, shared his experience of the product: “I thoroughly checked out the Profit Jackr software and was amazed at how simple it was to use and get results from. I highly recommend this to anyone whose just starting out online and looking for a way to get traffic and sales…”

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