Social Daddy – The Innovative Social Media Manager With A Wicked Twist

Social Daddy
Now, people can create one post for Facebook, and simultaneously can have the same post optimized for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress Blogs, etc. with one single interface named Social Daddy.

If have been using social media in the right way, marketers should have faced the situation when they have to spend time posting to different social platform such as FaceBook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and WordPress Blogs. Researches have shown that on average, one can have 5 or 6 media accounts, and they usually spends around 1 hour and 3 minutes to browse, search and post content on all the accounts. Despite its time-consuming characteristic, marketers have to market to all those social sites for not being thrown out the game.

That is the motivation for Simon Disney & Dr. Ope Banwo & Vaughn Item. These are the professionals in digital marketer who had all faced the problem. In an attempt to solved it, they have created Social Daddy.

SocialDaddy rolled out to ease the big part of many frustrations with using so many social media accounts when marketing or interacting with friends, prospects and clients. Social Daddy generally log into each and every social media accounts to post relevant content to keep the site or FanPage engage with their fan. This helps people cut the posting time drastically and save their time for other important business activities when controlling the boosting progress of social media account in one central location.

SocialDaddy Cloud-based App is is a multi-platform, social media marketing, management and automation tool designed to assist digital agency and entrepreneur market, manage and track social media efforts across six top leading in social platforms. The Social Daddy allows people to manage & schedule all the marketing and social content from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Some features included inside Social Daddy are:

One-Click Posts: People can utilize this simple one-click post feature to immediately set-up an article or image post that can be deployed across all six social platforms.

Built-In Analytics: This feature can track how the content posting and sharing are performing. People can also watch the retweets, likes, comments and more right from the simple dashboard. 

Agency Version: People can manage all clients’ social media accounts with this software’s feature. Set-up and build social media campaigns for these clients is now possible. 

Multi Scheduler: Use the Social Daddy schedule poster to schedule one’s posts in one hour, one day, one week, one month or even one-year in front for multiple posts. 

According to the product creator, this unique social media manager is an ideal means for serious social media users and marketers to have better interaction and marketing outcomes. Because its functions built with automation characteristic and an instruction video is also coming along with it, newbie digital marketer can use it without any strugglings.

What separates the Social Daddy Software from other social media managers is that it also included a chatbot that primarily interacts with customers on its user’s behalf on a daily basis. This autopilot posting and multi-scheduling web application is able to control and to schedule creative content around the clock.

People can seek for more details in Social Daddy Review.

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