Gaia Education pioneers in Immersive Education, fostering education industry upgrade

As the term “Immersive” is becoming increasingly trendy, this new form of content is gradually catching people’s eyes nationwide. Starting from immersive Virtual Reality Cinema, interactive drama to immersive computer gaming with curved screen surface, its development will no longer be limited to entertainment only.

The ideology reflected from Ghost Blows out the Light (Gui Chui Deng) (2016), Cosmetic Liquid (Zheng Rong Ye) (2016) or the American TV series Westworld (2016), or even the globally renowned immersive theatre Sleep No More (2011) reflects that this brand new form has probably become a new incentive in the entertainment consumer upgrade. Recently, on the Immersive Education Upgrade press conference held by Gaia Education, the audience enjoyed the amazing chemistry from the combination of “immersive” and “education”.

On 15th April, Gaia Education launched an open class“Encounter with Your Own Prophet” (Wu Xin Wu Xing) in Beijing. Its outbreaking pedagogy — immersive education, attracted hundreds of participants from different regions over the country. Hundreds of famous media and numerous web celebrities have also immersed into the dreamy and ethereal atmosphere with the help of changing lights and sounds.

On the same day, Gaia Education held a press conference announcing its upgrage in Immersive Education. Wenxin, the CEO of Beijing Gaia delivered a speech, confirming a brand new upgrade in Gaia Education’s future practice in the education industry, and that they would devote in developing cutting-edge Immersive Educational experience which will be well ahead of the whole industry.

By building up various scenes and using visual effects, Gaia Education aimed at tailoring to specific tones and environment, which allows the audience to indulge in the elaborately designed scenes while choosing their own “routes” and “paths”towards the completion of the course.

In this experimental conference filled with photoelectric sound changings, major media press flooded in; and CEO Wenxin, who also did a wonderful performance in the cosplay for one of the most popular TV series nowadays Life after Life, Blooms over Blooms, showed what the essence of what immersive entertainment education is, winning great acclaim afterwards.

The wake of experiential economy is a sign showing that the epoch of upgrading consumption pattern has arrived; quite a few new brands are consequently rising up, or even challenging the monopoly or the oligopolistic marketplace; it is believed that the brands which can seize the opportunity of this time are promising for better development in the long run. The concept of experiential economy used to be regarded predominantly as Internet in the past; nevertheless, it has been evolved into broader fields such as technology, audio-video products, computer gaming and even education, to name a few.

And Gaia is the pioneer of bringing this brand new notion of “Immersive Eduation”. Plenty of audience believed that they were touched by this special interactive experience within which they all can immerse in. Just as Shiwei, CEO of Gaia Enterprise stated, what they advocate is to explore a new way of theatrical teaching engagement by utilizing the lights, music, art, drama and productions with state-of-the-art quality that can be bonded with dancing; to start a multi-dimensional, diversified sensory experience, and therefore people can literarily get immersed into our courses.

It is said that that was the first press conference in Beijing after Gaia Education upgraded their educational system, so in addition to the course of this time, they will continue to develop other kinds on this immersive experience basis, promising more and more wonderful cases demonstrating the combination of entertainment and education in the near future.

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