Push Connect Notify – Fully Custom Notification Pop Up That Allows Users To Turn Website Visitors Into Buyers

Push Connect Notify

People are still struggling to find the best way to turn visitors into customers. One of the most challenging aspects of reaching customers is getting the chance to communicate with them. When it comes to connecting with customers, being able to keep the communications open and clear is one of the quickest ways people can convert a skeptical visitor into a paying customer. Imagine if there was a brand new tool to help people talk to customers even they were not visiting people’s site. Fortunately, all today that all changes with the presence of a new app called Push Connect Notify.

Push Connect Notify is a powerful, yet simple software allowing users to capture push subscribers just by pasting one line of code on their website and send them browser push notifications. Push Connect Notify leverages an existing technology that’s available at every 93% of computers and phones which let users get in front of every visitor.

Push Connect Notify softhas been tested, and it works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The app is fully customizable, allowing users to change the look, feel, and images they display. Users so can position it where they want, and show it as they wish. Moreover, Push Connect Notify has an optional email capture that is integrated with the top autoresponders or users can paste their own code. Whenever someone subscribes, he or she become a part of user’s PCN database, and users can send them to push notifications whenever they want. Push Connect Notify software is the next generation of the old outdated “pop-up” technology that works every time. It lets users schedule automated push notifications.

With this game-changing software, users can immediately and efficiently communicate with their customers, even outside of their website thanks to a bunch of following amazing features.

Push Connect Notify 100% Cloud Based. Nothing to download or install because Push Connect Notify host user’s code and they just copy and paste.

Simple 5 Minute Setup. Customers cannot believe how easy it was to get started.

Email Integration. With over 9 Top Autoresponder integrations they are fully integrated with just a few clicks.

Push Connect Notify has Real Time Tracking. Users can monitor their visitors, interaction, and conversions of their notifications in real time.

Unlimited Messaging And Contacts. Push Connect Notify comes with unlimited messaging and contacts.

Full Personalization. It allows users to customize their website with their own logo, their own words, and message which help them stand out in the crowd.

With just 1 line of code, users can use Push Connect Notify Use as many sites as possible, and it is easy to navigate interface with no monthly Fees.

Push Connect Notify app is all based on browser technology, so the Operating system of user’s computer does not matter. either. Push Connect Notify is mobile friendly. The Push Connect Notify Members Area is web-based, so there is nothing to download for installation. It is all done over the web. Users simply log in, create their “PCN,” and copy and paste that single line of code on their web page, landing page, blog, or eCommerce store.

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