DownRiver Plumbers Launches Free Downriver MI Home Water Heater Inspection

The Downriver Michigan Home Water Heater Inspection is free of charge and helps homeowners to make sure their water heaters are safe and in working order

DownRiver Plumbers ( who provide a fast and friendly plumbing service is pleased to announce they have launched a Free water heater inspection for residents living in and near Downriver MI. The service has been launched to help homeowners stay safe and avoid serious injury and damage to the home, which includes electric shock, fire, and floods.

The water heater inspection service is totally free of charge and help those living in or near Downriver MI to check if their water heater is working correctly and not wasting energy bills as well as checking on the safety of the equipment. With the comprehensive water heater inspection service, the professional plumber will be able to check if the water heater is located in an optimal place within the home and that it is providing the family with enough hot water.

A spokesman for DownRiver Plumbers said: “It is important to have a water heater check on a regular basis to make sure it is working correctly and not increasing energy bills for the home. Although a water heater is a great piece of equipment, if it is faulty then it could become a danger hazard and leave your home and family vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Although many people are tempted to install their own water heater, the drain and water heater experts in Downriver Michigan who work with all types of HVAC models and makes has warned that self-installation of water heaters isn’t recommended.

Each year tens of thousands of accidents are caused by water heaters that have not been fitted correctly. Many homeowners try and save money by not employing a professional plumber to install their water heater, and instead fit it themselves or ask a friend who is not qualified. By not using a professional plumber, the water heater could become a danger hazard which includes causing electric shocks, gas poisoning, and serious leaks.

DownRiver Plumbers, who provide a complete professional plumbing service including sewer repairs, flooded basement, baked up drains, as well as many more plumbing service aim to keep people living in or near Downriver MI with their Free water heater inspection service.

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