Division Pro Wrestling To Host Inaugural Event On May 12th, 2017, In Orlando, FL

ORLANDO, FL – There is a new and innovative wrestling promotion on the block. Challenging the status quo by creating an exciting platform that showcases the skills of some of the best wrestlers currently on the scene, Division Pro Wrestling is on track to become synonymous with the future of Pro Wrestling. Hosting its first event in Orlando, FL, on May 12th, 2017, Division Pro is aiming to set the tone for its future productions, which promise to captivate audiences and satisfy fans that have long looked for a fresh concept in their favorite sport.

Mr. J Brian Miles, the promotion owner, expanded on the founding principles of Division Pro Wrestling, stating that “As a former wrestler and a life-long fan of wrestling, I’m tired of the stale, predictable format of the current product being presented and on May 12th I’m going to change that.” He continued, “It upsets me that pro wrestlers work so hard to make a name for themselves in order to make it to the “top” and then when they reach their goal the first thing that happens is someone else decides to change their name and everything about what made them who they are. I’m not going to tell these professionals what to do or how to act. I’m going to put them in the ring and turn them loose.”

Speaking of the wrestling promotion’s structure, Mr. Miles went on to say that “Division Pro Wrestling will be comprised of 3 weight divisions for the Men, Lightweight (up to 175 lbs), Middleweight (176 – 225 lbs) and Heavyweight (226 lbs and up). The Women will compete in an open weight division. Division Pro will match up the best pound for pound pro wrestlers walking the face of the earth. Once a champion has been crowned in each division, those champions will compete for the overall championship. Once the overall champion has been crowned, only a division champion can challenge for the title of the overall Division Pro Champion.”

Concluding his statements, Mr. Miles outlined the importance of ensuring a fair financial compensation for wrestling professionals, saying “In a time, where wrestler and fighter pay dominates the conversation of combat sports, Division Pro Wrestling will share half of the proceeds from the internet pay per view with all of the wrestlers on the main card when we surpass 5,000 buys.”

Event Details

Division Pro Wrestling Inaugural Event

Date: May 12th, 2017

Location: Venue 578, Orlando, FL

Duration: 4:00 – 10:00 PM

Event Timeline

5:00 PM – Press Conference with the wrestlers featured in the main card

6:00 PM – Weigh-in

7:00 PM – Preliminary Matches

8:00 PM – Main Card Matches

The event happenings listed above, taking place from 5:00 PM up to 7:00 PM, will be available for free streaming on divisionpro.tv, while the main card matches will be listed on the website as internet pay-per-view.

Event tickets can be purchased on the Venue578 website. Those interested in securing their spot are advised to do so, fast, as Division Pro Wrestling representatives have hinted that they expect the event to sell out.

To learn more about Division Pro Wrestling, please visit: www.divisionpro.tv

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Phone: (310) 709-0351
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State: FL
Country: United States
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