CUBIB offers its visitors free search for US public data online instantly

United States – 17 April, 2017 – Have you ever wanted to look up US public data and records, but only find sites that want to charge you for access every month? Now there is a new site that lets you search United States public data for free, no membership or sign up required! collects, collates, and searches through the data, to find the information relevant to you. Run a search for yourself, a friend, or celebrity today!

At CUBIB we have an online platform where you can search for whatever public data you need on whatever, whomever and whenever. The types of public data available includes: records search, voter registration, property registration, corporate registration, campaign contributors, registered agents, white house visitors, vehicle sales records, public salary data, US customs data, public directory listings, financial cases, and many more.

These information will go a long way in helping you to find a lost love/ family, checking yourself out, finding out about your neighbors and friends in the US. But please do not use this service to screen employees, stalk or spy or steal and identity.

Our goal is to demystify the world of public data in order to let anyone, at anytime and anywhere search through United States based Public data and information for free.

To utilize this service please visit

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