New site examines how the transgender community is transforming sports helps people look at the impact the LGBT community has made in the sports world.

The transgender community is currently transforming the sports world in away very few people have anticipated. Whether the transgender wrestler in Texas winning a state championship, or a biological man in Australia winning a woman’s weightlifting championship, a new site ( looks at the impact the transgender community is having in sports. also looks at how sports leagues like the NFL and NBA not only are helping the LGBT community transform sports but helping to push Christian values out of our nation.

Kymo Dockett, the founder of, points out how the LGBT community participating in sports is becoming a clear picture of how the LGBT community has affected our society: “I believe the impact we are currently seeing the transgender community make on sports is a true reflection of the impact they are making on our society as a growing number of people are not only confused about their gender and sexuality, but what to do with the transgender community as far as things such as bathrooms, locker rooms and whether they should be able to compete in various is designed to help people think through these and other issues as we witness events like the Olympics and amateur sports being altered as the transgender community work to compete in these and other events.”

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About God vs. The NFL:

God vs. The NFL is an awareness campaign launched in March of 2017 and designed to teach people the devastating consequences of a world without traditional family values. This campaign is aimed at helping people understand some of the unintended consequences of the LGBT community’s raise in sports.

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