Rare Facbook Offer: Leading personal care products, NatureLabs Launches a Huge Discount

17 April, 2017 – Best selling health and personal care products company, Natuerlabs, with years upholding and maintaining standards in quality and consistency of products releases one of its products for sales for instant grab this season (Head lice comb removal).

Head lice are wingless parasitic insects that easily spread from person to person spending their entire life on the human scalp and feeding exclusively on human blood in the scalp. These small wingless insects lay eggs called nits on the hair shaft, which may be mistaken for dandruff. Having head lice can result in itchy scalp and severe scratching can lead to infection. Using head lice comb removal puts an end to this infestation.

Head lice comb removal products by nature lab is offered at a 20% off price with free shipping to the customer’s destination and this offer last for today only to promote our new amazon launch. Act Now!

Our Head lice comb removal has a long, fine metal tooth that is very close together, this product performance has been optimized to meet our consumers’ needs and desire with its double stripe pins which makes it more effective and is made available online for sale.

“We continously drive innovation, quality and consistency into our products to maintain high levels of product quality,” says the Rep. of the company.

“We are offering everyone a 20% discount. This is absolutely true. The which offer only lasts for today is a special offer marketing our new Amazon launch.”

The head lice comb helps to hasten the treatment process if a pediculicide is being used, but people can also get rid of the lice using the comb alone. The comb is a very handy tool that is specially designed to pull out nits (eggs) and dead lice as they are combed through the hair.

For more information about the offer, visit: http://natuerlabs.com/2017/03/29/facebook-special-offer-on-lice-comb 

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