Get Ready for a Kindle New Release – The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery

For all mystery lovers, author Jonathan Tindall has come up with The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery. This book is now available on Kindle, so get ready to be caught up in a story of international mystery adventure.

Book lovers around the world have one thing in common – their inability to be anywhere without their favorite book. One such mystery is Jonathan Tindall’s “The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery.” This mystery book is already popular for its nail-biting moments, and the twists and turns at every corner.

The Fountain of Youth, a Kindle new release, is now available on Amazon at an affordable price, and readers shall be able to carry around the book in their tablets and smartphones.

A Sneak-Peek at the Jonathan Tindall Page’s Mystery:

The Fountain of Youth traces the beginning of a saga where an ambitious Patricia Wong is on the first major assignment of her career as an insurance security specialist, which ends with a priceless treasure being stolen. Three years later, she is on track to find the one person who caused this black mark on her spotless career. Before she knows it, Patricia winds up knee deep in a conspiracy, branded as a thief. The mysterious Jackson Wryte offers her a way out, and together they embark on a hunt for a precious jewelry and a lost legend. This kind of storyline is very enjoyable and entertaining for everyone who simply loves to soak into some breathtaking thrills and moments of great adventure.

The author Jonathan Tindall has crafted a highly compelling story with this Kindle new release, and is the next book that e-book lovers of mystery and adventure are waiting for. If you have been looking for a perfect mystery and suspense book to gift a friend, then this is a book they should not miss.

This is the first of several planned Wryte and Wong mystery books.

About the author:

Jonathan Tindall has had a passion for telling stories since he fell in love with reading mysteries, adventures and thrillers while he was growing up.

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