U.S. FDA Nod to Novel Glucometer Redraws Global Diabetes-mgt Map

BEIJING, CHINA – 17 Apr, 2017 – U.S. FDA nod to Dnurse’s InsulinK proved that, Dnurse, an ambitious diabetes-minded pioneer, will redefine not only the way how to manage diabetes, but the way how to explore the global market.

Most medicare companies saw a U.S. FDA nod to its products as a permit to explore the global market.

Recently, U.S. FDA, this much-revered food and drug watchdog, gave Class I clearance to Dnurse’s InsulinK, the world’s first insulin dosage tracker, and its Dnurse App’s IDSS (Intelligent Decision Supporting System).

It was another landmark step its Chinese maker Dnurse had made, since its smart gadgets had gained CE (European Conformity) approval last year.

With this newly-gotten approval, Dnurse will not just strike a healing chord with diabetics in need, but a lucrative chord with partners around the world.

Diabetes-management with unerring accuracy  

In the past, in case of curing diabetics away from hospital, doctors and medicine producers had no idea of their patients’ conditions, especially their blood glucose levels.

The problem thus stood out as diabetes management necessitated long-term data about diabetics’ insulin dosage, which was commensurate with blood glucose level.

Dnurse InsulinK came last September as this vexing problem emerged with strong needs. As the first wearable insulin tracker in the world to record insulin dosages automatically, it could help diabetics to track their blood glucose levels around the clock, said Li Chengzhi, the founder of Dnurse.

Additionally, to match InsulinK with a smart tool to collect and analyze real-time yet personalized data, Dnurse also created Dnurse App’s IDSS, China’s only data-based, diabetes-management tool which has intelligent personal caring at its core.        

With Dnurse’ great efforts since 2015 to involve about 700 experienced doctors, this app could simulate almost 10,000 different scenes between doctors and diabetics, so that patients would be personally suggested to deal with the symptoms by themselves.

It was expected that, patients’ motivation to use this app would be greatly enhanced with scene-simulation and personalized advice provided by IDSS.

“Dnurse App’s IDSS could provide a simple yet convenient self-management system, including cloud storage, media sharing, reminders, and suggestions for daily diet, exercise, and medication”, Li stressed.

To put it simple, as well as facilitating the intelligent personal caring with multiple data for doctors, InsulinK and its app can also help diabetics to avoid possible side effects like the fatal hypoglycemia caused by excessive insulin dosage.

A perfect marriage with global insulin producers

Dnurse never prided itself in moving in orbit of its own, but in exploring promising yet unexploited land around the world.

As a matter of fact, its approval gotten from U.S. FDA was more of a certificate of its vision and ambition, with which the potential partners could be found globally.

The business allure of InsulinK came from a new-type “Equipment + Application + Service” business model, which can boost the consumption of medicine and related items, slash health insurance compensation for related producers, and offer low-cost yet highly-efficient insulin trackers.

“From a business perspective, what insulin manufacturers need most was InsulinK.” stressed Li Chengzhi, adding that it will help their insulin-producing partners to outsell other rivals and ease economic burden accompanied by patients’ serious complication.

As the global insulin-producing front now abounded with leading western producers, Dnurse is striving to identify potential partners fitting in with its genes of exploration. Additionally, it is also strengthening its strong links with existing diabetes-management partners in Europe, Israel, and India.

Now, Dnurse is embarking on a adventurous journey of redrawing its global map of partnerships. 

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