NERETA Delivers Needed Training to Regional Leaders

SCRANTON, PA – 17 Apr, 2017 – Public and Educational administrators dedicate their lives to making our regions better. They are not people who grandstand for attention and they certainly are not making huge salaries. But they are the people who are making the day-to-day decisions that make the country run.  They truly are the stability “behind the throne” of those who do get recognition and attention in the media.

But, according to Colleen LaRose, President and CEO of the North East Regional Employment and Training Association (NERETA) the people in these critical positions are not getting the nourishment that they need to be the most effective that they can be at their jobs. “They get little funding for self-improvement and training opportunities and spend most of their time supporting the growth of others.”  She explained.

“The problem with that is that these administrators really are the leaders of our country! They are therefore the critical factor in the nation’s economic health.  It is in the public interest that public and educational administrators be afforded every opportunity to aid their professional growth.”  LaRose continued.

Specifically, NERETA is trying to get workforce development, economic development and higher education professionals to collaborate in their local regions to:

• Learn how to create an innovative cultural environment.
• Learn how to develop a talent pipelines for business and support business growth.
• Learn to be on the cutting edge of technology use and technology support.

But who is teaching them these important things?


“That is why we are holding the “Job Creation Summit.” (” on June 14 and 15 in Scranton, PA, explained LaRose.  Teams, ideally made up of workforce development, economic development and higher ed professionals, from around the country will be coming to Scranton to learn how to work together more effectively at the two-day event and will also receive an eight-month course (one webinar per month) after the Job Creation Summit to continue the work of helping them to align their local goals and objectives. The ultimate goal of this initiative is for the US to create more jobs and be more globally competitive.”  LaRose explained.

“You see, there is a special synergy that happens when we bring together workforce development, economic development and higher education professionals to learn together.  By supporting the collaborative learning of these administrators, we help them optimize the human factors of their regional; capabilities.  This helps us move toward a healthier economy for the whole country because every local region makes up the economy of the country.”  She continued, “These administrators truly can make or break your local economy based on their action (or inaction)..  They must be prepared to take the regional economy into a brave new (albeit uncertain) world. We are counting on these administrators to be the seeds of change that are the force of growth needed by our national economy! We are counting on these administrators to take on the progressive leadership mantle needed to provide sustainable livings for the people who live in their regions. We are all depending on these administrators to assure economic stability for the whole country! You may not have really given thought to these “behind the scenes administrators” before…but I implore you to step back and take a look at who really is running the country on the ground level each and every day…no matter who is in the political power position at any given moment.  It is these public and educational administrators who grease the wheels each and every day that make the machine called “the country” keep running.  And that is why it is imperative that they get training in the most effective techniques to impact economic growth,”  LaRose concluded.

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