Addiction Rehab Toronto Offering Private Drug Rehab Treatment in Toronto

Clients Achieve a Successful Rehabilitation through a 3-Stage Process

Drug rehab is the process of transforming a person’s life of addiction to one of sobriety. There are many substances that a person can become addicted to, each with its unique characteristics that will play a role in determining the best method of rehab. The person’s path to addiction will also make a difference in a successful recovery. Addiction Rehab Toronto follows a 3-stage process that takes all these factors into account.

Stage 1 of Drug Rehab

The process begins with an assessment and stabilization of the patient’s condition. Stage 1 usually lasts from three to five days during which evidence-based practices and tools are used to access the patient’s condition and the problems they are having related to their addiction. This includes a holistic approach that considers the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being of the individual.

Stage 2 of Drug Rehab

During the recovery stage of the process, the client will work through an intensive treatment process made up of multiple treatment methods including both individual and group counselling. Group counselling offers support to the patient from others battling the same issues that they are while the staff provides education and assistance dealing with the development of skills needed to achieve a lasting, successful recovery.

Stage 3 of Drug Rehab

Aftercare is the third stage of the process and one of the most important features of a successful rehab treatment. When patients relapse after going through a treatment program, it is after they return to their daily life complete with the challenges that they had to deal with when they were suffering from addiction. This is the most likely time for them to have a relapse.

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers the continuing support necessary for patients to work through their recovery. They maintain a relationship with their clients even after treatment is completed to help them deal with the challenges they will face in their daily life.

Anyone who is suffering from addiction can get the drug rehab treatment that is right for them by contacting Addiction Rehab Toronto. As a private rehab facility, they offer many benefits that the others can’t provide.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a Toronto addiction rehab facility that offers complete addiction care. They use a holistic and customized approach that encompasses the social, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of their clients. Through a client-centered model, they provide the client with the treatment for their specific needs to ensure they have a long-term successful recovery. Their goal is to provide every client with the treatment and support they need to live a long, happy life without the influences of alcohol and drug addiction.

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