Health And Nutrition Coach Gail Sapone Educates Clients In How To Look Great And Feel Even Better

Gail Sapone, a health and nutrition coach, helps her clients gain consciousness about and control over their poor habits and unhealthy lifestyles through providing education and support.

Health and nutrition coach Gail Sapone of Gail Sapone, LLC ( is focused on helping women over forty stay healthy by gaining control over their eating habits, losing weight, and becoming more fit.

“I work with women over 40 who want to have more energy, feel great and lose those extra pounds that mysteriously appeared one day and refuse to leave,” Sapone says.

Working with Sapone, clients can expect to: have more energy, improve overall health, lose weight without dieting, feel more confident in their clothes, and learn which foods do or do not work for their bodies.

Focusing on increased health, better nutrition, and client education, Sapone, a registered nurse, helps her clients raise their awareness surrounding their own health and helps them tackle the complicated physical and emotional cues that drive unhealthy eating habits without having her clients diet.

“When you sign up to work with me, you work with me. I focus on creating a personal plan to help you achieve your goals, not on selling products or supplements,” Sapone says. “My approach is a holistic approach. Weight loss isn’t just about the foods you eat. It’s also about creating a life that you love.”

Sapone finds fulfillment in watching her clients’ progress through her program and find a sense of balance and control surrounding their health and eating habits.

“I find it rewarding to help people get healthy and stay healthy. As a Registered Nurse, I have seen so many people with chronic disease and unexplained problems,” Sapone says. “Knowing how important nutrition is to one’s health, I want to spread the word so that everyone can choose health.”

Sapone is aware of her clients’ struggle as she has been there herself. Her guidance comes from a place of having overcome the same struggles her clients are grappling with.

“I’m a sugar addict and I love to eat! I have learned to dramatically decrease my own sugar cravings,” Sapone says. “Through my education I have learned the detrimental effects of sugar on the human body and how important it is to curb the cravings.”

Client Suzanne Cook of Scottsdale, AZ says that working with Sapone has helped her curb her emotional eating and make steady progress toward her goal of losing weight and reigning in some of her burgeoning chronic health issues.

“I have lost over fifty pounds in the last eight months and my doctor was amazed by my blood tests results. When my doctor saw me after 6 months, all she could say was, ‘What have you done?’,” Cook says. “Changing my nutrition with Gail’s guidance has probably saved me from devastating health repercussions. I have unbelievable energy and now can keep up with my twin grandchildren.”

For Sapone helping her clients live better, more energetic, more healthful, and more conscientious lives is the reason she keeps reaching out to new clients; to share her knowledge, experience, and methods far and wide.

“There is no better gift than the gift of health,” Sapone says. “Helping people understand how to maneuver through all of the confusing information about nutrition and learning to eat the best foods for your body is priceless.”

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