Anthony’s Espresso Equipment is the Ultimate Source for a Saeco Espresso Machine and More!

Customers Find Everything They Need for the Perfect Cup of Espresso

For many people, a cup of coffee is just…well…a cup of coffee! For others, only a true work of art will do. For those who have a passion for the taste of espresso, only a quality machine will do. A Saeco espresso machine from Anthony’s combines the experience of making high-end espresso machines for over a century with the most advanced technology to create the ultimate machine for coffee drinkers with discriminating taste.

Anthony’s has the exclusive position of specializing in only those products related to espresso. The family-owned company carries a variety of espresso machines for use at home or at work. Saeco espresso machines have long been known as leading products for residents who aren’t willing to settle for a fair cup of coffee. Anthony’s also has the variety of espresso accessories needed to make the perfect cup of espresso including:

• Saeco liquid descalers
• Stainless steel spoons
• Water filters
• Espresso machine parts
• Espresso cups
• Frothing pitchers
And a lot more!

Saeco was founded in Italy in 1981 and has the distinction of being the first manufacturer to design a “bean-to-cup” espresso machine. Since that time, the company has continued to advance their machines to create an increasingly better quality of espresso. In 2009, Philips began working with Saeco to increase the range of coffee machines offered by the brand.

Since that time, the quality and expectation from a Saeco espresso machine have only continued to grow. Complementing the brewing process with freshly ground beans moistened before brewing will result in the most flavorful cup of espresso. The exceptional experience produced every time a cup of espresso is made with a Saeco espresso machine is a process that has been in the making for more than one-hundred and twenty-five years.

Anthony’s offers a wide variety of Saeco espresso machines from the super-affordable Saeco Poemia SS to the GranBaristo Avanto which allows the owner to customize each drink and set the brewing process in motion from their smart device. There are eighteen different drinks to choose from.

No other online store is dedicated to selling the best in espresso supplies and equipment than Anthony’s. It is the perfect place to shop for Saeco espresso machines and everything to go with it.

About Anthony’s Espresso Equipment

Anthony’s Espresso Equipment is a family-owned and operated company that provides espresso machines, repair, espresso beans, and accessories to coffee lovers throughout Ontario. The company has been in business since early in 2000, carrying a variety of automatic and manual espresso machines that a number of Canadian residents and businesses already have in use. The feature that sets Anthony’s apart from the competition is that they have in-depth knowledge about espresso and they deal only with products related to espresso.

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