Easy Illustrated eBooks: A New Way to Create An Entire Portfolio Of Books That Will Sell On Autopilot For Years

Easy Illustrated eBooks
Traditional print books are now lose its domination to e-reading devices like Kindle. Sub standard publications in ebooks a few years ago have made its strong impact to decrease in the sales of traditional books. However, the illustrated eBooks offered by Amazon currently even made a stronger one. The sales of it went into the stratosphere and remain the same till today.

There are more digital books now sold on kindle, and other e-Reading devices than are sold as traditional print books. This was and remains a ravenous buyers market. Catching this trend Robert Corrigan & Steve King have together created Easy Illustrated eBooks.

Since then appears a massive market for very simple illustrated ebooks. People can easily create their own ebook thanks to Amazon, who providing all the guidance and tools necessary to produce qualified books.

However, the procedure offered by Amazon is still time consuming and complexed for people. That’s why Robert Corrigan & Steve King have think of a new solution that could produce an eBook or a complete portfolio of books in just a few hours instead of days or weeks. This method can produce these books in an ordinary word processor using special designed samples which was formatted for a wide range of Kindle devices. That solution is called Easy Illustrated eBooks Training Course.

Easy Illustrated eBooks Course” is a training course made by Robert Corrigan & Steve King. Inside, people will learn the complete research for the Kindle marketplace and how people can research for the best niches to producer their range of Easy Illustrated Books.

Next, people can watch over-the-shoulder video training where the two product creators generate an illustrated Kindle book without the present of high tech devices. Rober and Steve also show peple how to use readily available Public Domain content to generate unique own range of illustrated books.

A course on how to effectively list books on Kindle is also included. This is where people will learn how to list their created books and how to use Amazon’s tools. Book websites and Facebook groups to promote the books. It basically is about the most effective strategy of making sales with created books.

According to the product creators, this product requires zero graphical skills from its users thanks to the large collection of templates and free of charge images available in the public domain for the book’s content.

Richard Butler from mastermind1on1.com said: “I’ve got to thank you for a wonderful course. But I’ll be honest I started one element and stopped. No not because I was giving up but because what I ducovered was so amazing put it straight into action. I’ve just skimmed the top of the course and I’ve found a new way to deliver my content that looks amazing and will help so many people. I always thought there was only one way to deliver an ebook. How wrong I was. Your course shows a number of ways of creating and providing even more value via ebooks. Many people show how to create informational ebooks your course shows how to create phenomenal ebooks. You’re doing a great service to this market and allowing people to stand out.

Besides the comprehensive e-course that will take people through the entire business of eBooks, the following benefits are also included inside the membership area such as the accessibility to the member site plus special bonuses, premium training by a Kindle Author with all the tools and complete system. Exclusive Kindle templates developed to ease the process and display across whole range of Kindle reading devices are also added. People using the software can make it works within minutes due to the support from the support desk and guidance at every step from the training tutorial and Facebook membership group.

People can seek for more detail inside Easy Illustrated eBooks Review.

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