Portability and Practicability of Airwheel Z8 Smart Personal Lightweight Electric Scooter

The more diverse of the categories, the easier get lost when choosing products. One of the main advantages of Airwheel is its abundant classifications. Among all the models, Airwheel is sanguine about its charm of Airwheel Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter with the extreme portability and wider utility.

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One of the main advantages of Airwheel is its abundant classifications, from the classic X series, self-developed Q series to luxurious S series, from the challenging M series, considerate Z series and auxiliary C series of intelligent helmets.

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In 2017, Airwheel Z8 was pushed out and it leapt to fame and great popularity soon. Airwheel is sanguine about its charm of Z8 small wheel electric scooter with the extreme portability and wider utility.

Airwheel Z8 lightweight electric scooter 

For one thing, Airwheel Z8 is proud of its portability, with the brand new folding point and concealed lock catch design. Z8 possesses a stylish externality. Magnesium frame, light and tough featured by strong impact resistance reduces the item weight to 6.5kg and improves the load capacity to 75kg. Triple folding system of Airwheel Z8 colourful self-balancing scooter enables it can be easily carried into the elevator, subway, bus, or stored in a car trunk. Z8 can be folded into small structure. The folded Z8 only covers small space, which can be easily stored in home, workshop and trunk. 

Airwheel Z8 lightweight electric scooter

For another, Airwheel Z8 is practical. It is praised as the most convenient new product for it meets the current demand—getting rid of traffic jam. The easy-design of folding draws the workers from kinds of occupations interest. Wear-resisting tyres, combined with the unique tread pattern design enable Z8 personal electric scooter to adopt more road conditions and lengthen its service life. It can meet the daily short distance travel demand and reach the destination efficiently. Other than that, considering the light-insufficient environment, Z8is equipped with LED light for easy understanding of the conditions, with the reference to the design of automotive lighting system. That is riding Z8 can no longer be limited during the daytime, but also night-time.

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In a word, Airwheel Z8 lightweight electric scooter with the extreme portability and powerful utility will attract more riders soon.

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