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Event Magician
Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic to pep up a seemingly monotonous life? Sure, we understand magic is only an illusion, nothing about it is real, and all that jazz.

Most of us put it aside saying it’s sleight of hand and is purely a play on people’s perception. But seriously, who cares, right? At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to believe in a little magic to tame your spirits.

Some of us perceive magic as our go-to place for inspiration. You’ll find everything from cheap card tricks to mind reading listed under magic, but there’s more to magic than what meets the eye (or doesn’t).

Though there’s a fine line between magicians and illusionists, people prefer to go with the latter. They seem to be interchangeable, but illusionists perform on a larger scale using elaborate props; magicians, however, work with the bare essentials, and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

There’s a Kind of Magic in the Air

Given its popularity and crowd-pleasing sensation, there’s hope after all for an aspiring event magician. If you’re someone like me who still believes in magic, then sure enough magic can be an alternate career for you. Of course, you do need to work your charm too if you need to touch the right nerve in an eager audience. They are your best critics, and if you see yourself going from ordinary to extraordinary, you definitely need criticism.

Putting up a magic show for kids can be quite a rewarding experience. They are more open to make-believe moments than most adults. Furthermore, magic would be incomplete without young, inquisitive minds coaxing you to push your limits.

Magicians . . . illusionists . . . mentalists – whatever you choose to call them, the world will definitely be a dull place without magic. Great performers, like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos (Criss Angel) took magic to a whole new level. Today, magic has made a place for itself in a world otherwise brimming with technology.

Spectacular Display of Strength and Agility

We’re talking about Singapore here; while walking the streets, take the time to experience a fantastic show of grace and vigor on display, courtesy Chinese Martial Arts School. They are known to attract audiences from across the globe for their absolutely jaw-dropping “Wushu” performance, which is a form of contemporary Chinese martial art.

Does the movie “Mulan” jog your memory? If you had the opportunity to watch it, the martial art form in several parts of the movie is Wushu. This art form is a test of agility, speed, strength, and flexibility, and you can learn a thing or two if you please.

It’s no surprise that many of us are taking to Wushu for our overall health and well-being, while few others take it for self-defense. Art in any form is not something that can be wrapped up in a few sentences; it goes way deeper than you think. Some martial art forms are more popular than others, and perhaps it wouldn’t be inappropriate that we owe a chunk of it to the big screen. There are hundreds and thousands of more Chinese art forms waiting to be discovered and put into practice.

Candid Moments Captured Effortlessly

While lapping up the finer aspects of the Lion City, don’t forget to capture your “Wow” moments at the photo booth launch. You want to take back some kind of souvenir from your experiences in Singapore.

The photo booths are simple and straightforward; you don’t need to be a qualified photographer to click great shots. In fact, you’ll get nothing short of professional digital prints captured to perfection.

It’s a good idea to have one of these next event photo booth to keep your guest entertained and more involved. Who knows, there might be a budding artist in your midst just waiting for an opportunity to spread their wings and fly!

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