UNISKY will be acquired by TitanUnion from China

Beijing TitanUnion Technology LTD, as a high-tech enterprise from China has reached an agreement with the UNISKY Technology LTD in California. TitanUnion will acquire UNISKY.

UNISKY is a supplier mainly for software technical services and pharmacy automation solutions, at the same time the company also offers mobile medical solutions.

As China’s economic growth, more and more Chinese enterprises have entered our vision, such as Lenovo, Huawei. TianUnion is a latecomer, which is mainly engaged in the medical automation, medical recovery and moibile medical industry, relying on China’s fast growing market, is also obtained the fast development. now it came to the Unite States.

“UNISKY still exist, we will continue our product line, and the service to our global customers,” Mark Baldwin, the President of UNISKY, said.

“We are very excited to reach an agreement with UNISKY. The technical capabilities of UNISKY are meeting our requirements, which will provide a strong technical support for our better service in Global market,” Peter Han, the TitanUnion CEO, said.

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