GIF Buddy App Could Help Users Engage Their Facebook And Twiter Audiences For Their Benefits

GIFs existed as far back as the mid 90s. However, at that time, connection speeds were slow, and so animated GIFs would choke the life out of browsers. With the fast-forward technology to today, you can see why they are finally making a comeback.

Addition to the growth of social media, animated GIFs are finally catching people’s attention. GIFs becomes so powerful in presenting one memorable moment, repeated over and over, captivating the audience with its hypnotic power.

Catching the trend, Ali G and his team have created a new product called GifBuddy which is a web-based software that finds viral GIFs in any niche and allows users to auto schedule their posts and tweets in advance.

Marketers need not worry about their blog engagement because this set-and-forget marketing system automates the hottest GIFs from the biggest GIF database in the world and provides massive engagement and organic traffic.

With Gif Buddy software, users will have the ability to drop any links of theirs or an affiliate’s into this GIF marketing method for their blogs. Also, the system provides users with the trending topic #Hashtags so that they can quickly know how to make their posts go viral.

Another advantage users can get from  Gifbuddy is that it can schedule out all the engagement they want for days, weeks, or months in just a few simple clicks, and then drop their own marketing hyperlinks to drive the free traffic they will get to offers they want their audience to see.

The process is easy to follow as the software will find the most popular GIFs on the Internet and allow users to post or schedule them instantly to Facebook, WordPress or Twiter. After that, all users need to do is step back and let GIFBuddy do the rest of the job.

When marketers use GIFBuddy, they get the following advantages:

Professional Looking Images: The system supports transparent backgrounds, provides a more professional look to a particular website having animation over a varied background.

Small File Size: The size is quite smaller than other file formats. This could be an advantage when loading images online because they can load faster without losing its quality.

Convey Messages Better: It can display movements and emotions that normal images cannot possibly do. As a matter of fact, younger audiences can easily be interested in animations, so it can make them want to pay attention to details.

According to the producers, anyone who is working in the online marketing sector need a solution like this. The software is perfect for those who want to develop their marketing on the social network and spread their brand not only in their account but other fan pages as well. Gifbuddy software is very easy to use and can run on any social network.

“GIFbuddy is a must for anyone trying to market ‘effectively’ these days. The more you stand out in your marketing the more effective you will be, that’s just a fact. This Automated cloud system does exactly that with how irresistible GIFs are! Just drop your links in and see what happens!” Quoted by Ben Murray, an Internet marketer.

For more details, you could see GifBuddy software review and demo.

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