All-In-One Variety Pack of Felt Furniture Pads Makes Shoppers Too Happy

San Antonio, Texas – Moving furniture around the house is a daunting, tedious task. In the process, there are so many precautions and measures to consider. Perhaps the greatest concern to most people is protecting the floors and walls from being unwantedly scratched or gouged. Luckily, Furniture Buffers has come out with a new all-in-one variety product of felt furniture pads making the lives of shoppers that much easier.  

Furniture Buffers new variety jumbo pack has seven different felt pad sizes perfect for a home with a range of furniture legs. The felt pads are amazing floor protectors making sure to never leave a mark or scratch on either the surface of the floor or the furniture. The pads are easy to peel, stick, and use and are guaranteed for their durability and to never lose their stick.These pads are an ideal helper for quick fixes.

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Whether people have kids or not, it’s worth investing. These heavy-duty felt pads are quality-made in all sizes (small, medium, and large) to protect someone’s home.  The pads are made in several different thicknesses to accommodate any furniture height and type.

Furniture Buffers chair leg pads are designed to slide, making the act of pushing heavy furniture on smooth floors silent, stress-free, and effortless.Looking for a smart, innovative way to prevent floor damage has never been made simpler. Furniture Buffers felt pads have many other incredible features and benefits as well. Each variety pack comes with two customizable sheets that buyers can cut into whatever size or shape they are in need of.

Not only can people use the felt pads on furniture, but also they are great for cabinets and household items alike. People can use them for simple reasons like kitchen appliances and picture frames, or even for more creative purposes like helping with laptop ventilation like cooling, loud fan noises, and overheating.

The best part is there are absolutely no tools necessary to use these furniture pads at home. Furniture Buffers have made it a breeze for consumers to use and purchasetheir variety pack of pads. It’s just an easy click away at

So whether the cause is moving out or just rearranging the house, these pads can save a good amount of time and prevent any unexpected damages. These premium boxes of adhesive furniture pads make for a great multi-purpose solution for all furniture trouble needs whether it’s for a simple wobbly table or floor protection.

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