Auguste Reymond Becomes the First Traditional Watch Company on Kickstarter

Watches are nothing less than works of art. The beautiful elements of design that go into a timepiece are stunning. Here to exemplify this beauty is the luxury watch brand Auguste Reymond making a limited number of their exclusive watches available at a privileged price point on Kickstarter.

To wear a watch has long been a tradition both for the function of time telling itself and for the stylistic flourish that a watch adds to an outfit. For this reason, a watch has long been one of the most popular men’s accessories, drawing compliments, starting conversations and more. No company knows this history of the prevalence of watches better than the Swiss company Auguste Reymond S. A. (A.R.S.A.). Founded in 1898, the company boasts over one hundred years of prevalence in the world of luxurious watches. Over the years Auguste Reymond has dabbled in trends and perfected the design of traditional-style watches. Through a Kickstarter campaign, the company seeks to develop a new format of client relationships while allowing lovers of luxury watches to enjoy the luxury, accuracy, and appearance of a high-end timepiece.

The watches themselves are made of the finest materials and are produced with innovative features. For example, one of the watches offered in this project is the Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon. The watch is fully equipped with Swiss quartz movement, adding a smooth yet accurate time-telling experience. Aside from the time of day, the watch tells the day of the week, the day of the month, and the current moon phase in a unique and patented lunar module. All of these features are elegantly integrated into a circular face, and many of the other watches in the series exhibit the same extraordinary features.

As for the physical build of the watches, they are constructed with the most durable and luxurious materials, ensuring a long lifespan and a sleek look. The primary metal in the watches is a top quality stainless steel, and the scratch-proof sapphire crystal provides for an equally durable face. What’s more is the intricacy of engineering that went into the lunar module. On the watch face itself, a small painted moon revolves a painted earth, showing the moon phase at any moment for any place in the world.

To practically produce these watches at half-price, Auguste Reymond needs to harness the power of pre-orders. To make this happen Auguste Reymond S. A. has boldly launched the first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter from a historical watchmaking company. The campaign is currently accepting pre-orders, enabling Auguste Reymond to efficiently produce its currently existing designs and provide them at a much more affordable price. With this support, Auguste Reymond hopes that everyone can enjoy the luxury and accuracy of a Swiss-made timepiece.

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