Going to the beach a hassle? Introducing the world’s First Beach Towel with Weighted Edges and Body Cushions.

Going to the beach is fun, however having too many items to carry at once can be a drag. Luckily, a new product company named SuperFire has made The OneTowel, and is here to conveniently simplify the beach going experience.

Every year, hundreds of millions of people bring numerous items with them to facilitate relaxation during beach time. These everyday objects – such as towels, coolers, bags, chairs, and pillows – add to the beach experience, and are considered mandatory to bring on beach vacations and visits. Sadly, bringing so many items can end up being a nuisance, as carrying the many bags, towels, and chairs across stretches of street and sand requires significant effort. Even when a satisfactory spot on the shore is found, and relaxation begins, various beach problems can be frustrating; such as your phone falling in the sand: This happened to Kenneth Armlin. Here to fix this is The OneTowel, an innovative new product that aims to bring together these beach necessities into a single, convenient to use product.

On the surface, OneTowel is a customizable, double sided towel that can be folded and carried with shoulder and back straps; and a weighted fold-able edge: a convenient change from an ordinary towel. The user can now carry their beach towel like a secure tote bag with body cushions, innovating the beach industry. The OneTowel aims to make a high-quality, easy to use towel customization experience online using Fractals, Parameters, Filters, A.I., Images, and Maps. Going deeper into its innovative design, the utility it provides becomes very evident. The fold-able towel features body cushions that ensures maximum comfort when lying down. The OneTowel will have head, arm, body, and leg cushions, as well as horizontal or vertically lined water friendly body cushions across the whole towel. The OneTowels fold-able weighted edge prevents the wind from moving the towel around, and allows the towel to be carried and portable.

OneTowel also features several removable pockets that make bringing personal items easier. Most Importantly, there is a dedicated detachable waterproof phone case, with clear panels on both sides to take pictures and videos underwater. SuperFiretm aims to have the phone case able to withstand 500 feet underwater, showing current phone cases able to go around 65 feet. This allows users to protect their phone while keeping it accessible, including a neck and wrist strap. The phone case can also have a watertight headphone jack opening on the case. To also protect your phone from overheating on a hot day, The OneTowel comes with a security flap sewed between the cotton, and can either be located on the top side or the top middle, depending on preference, and able to protect the phone from overheating and secure from onlookers. The concealing flap can have a head cushion to relax your head, which can be circular, and a material to make sure phone radiation doesn’t go through the flap and cushion. The OneTowel also supports a removable solar panel, able to charge your device while in its compartment.


Going even further into the innovative design process behind The OneTowel, one version of it comes with an integrated fold-able leaning chair; as well as a square yard of polyester to dry off instead of a sandy towel. A floating attachable waterproof Bluetooth speaker case can also be included. The phone and speaker case will have wrist and neck straps, to ensure music and phone access at all times. The OneTowel also comes with an attachable insulating food or beverage compartment, that works best when ice is added. The inclusion of these versatile storage options allows for The OneTowel to surpass its status as an excellent provider of beach comfort, and become an indispensable tool of comfort for prospective beachgoers.

OneTowel has the chance to streamline going to the beach by greatly minimizing the number of items needed while going to the beach, offering high-quality portability and comfort; a task that will help hundreds and millions of beach lovers, especially during vacations. However, before OneTowel can go ahead, it must overcome one final obstacle: funding. The OneTowel is currently in the early prototype stage. The OneTowel and its team are offering to make pledge designs to be named after the pledger, and have the design be selectable on their Website, also named by the pledger, allowing anyone to select the design and have it selectable upon order. Luckily for them, manufacturing would be easy because it’s a towel. Therefore, they have turned to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, in the hopes of getting enough people to believe in The OneTowel and generate the funds necessary to move forward with the prototyping process. With reader support, The OneTowel will continue to eventually reach the public, changing the beach going experience forever.

For more information, visit The OneTowels™ Kickstarter page.

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