The Adult Coloring Book “F*** This I’m Coloring” Comes To BookCon 2017

In the modern world, a variety of stresses can affect working adults. It is nice for everyone to have the opportunity to say “F*** This I’m Coloring” and take a step back for a relaxing breather.

Coloring has been an activity long confined to the world of children’s entertainment, but recently, an adult coloring craze has swept the world. The public has realized that the same stress-reducing value that coloring has as a tool for helping children relax is something that is equally useful in helping adults unwind. Thus the adult coloring craze was born. Books and pencil sets have flooded the market, but none of them seem to have the quality and charm that one coloring book titled F*** This I’m Coloring has been able to produce. As a result F*** This I’m Coloring topped the charts as Amazon’s number one new release in its first day. Today the team behind F*** This I’m Coloring is aiming to take its therapeutic and entertaining product to the people with a dedicated stand at both Book Expo and BookCon 2017 in NYC.

The book itself has a couple of prominent features. Starting with the title itself, the book is the perfect place to turn when feeling just a little too heated. Each page centers around a swear word or phrase that is boldly portrayed and surrounded by epic ornamentation, creating the perfect stress-reducing environment. With over fifteen fully-designed pages with small sections designed for the OCD in each of us and more than five relatively blank pages that only feature one plain, large-print swear word, the F*** This I’m Coloring Book has something for everyone, enabling people to obsess over every detail or let their imagination run wild.

Also of note is the quality of which the book was produced. Each page is a high-end heavy paper that is designed to beautifully hold the color of gel pens, markers, and colored pencils. As an extra layer of protection, there is a protective page in between every coloring page, preventing the possibility of a marker bleeding through to ruin a potty-mouth-style work of art. The combination of this quality and the original idea behind the book combine to make F*** This I’m Coloring one of the best novelty coloring books on the market.

To bring this coloring book to its fans and potential fans, the woman behind this book, Jacqueline Monique, is launching a Kickstarter to bring the book to Book Expo and Book Con 2017 in NYC. Supporters will be rewarded with signed copies and more. With this support, F*** This I’m Coloring hopes to create a fully-furnished booth for its fans at Book Con, introducing the product to hundreds of new minds.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.


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