Presenting OCI Landscaping: A Kelowna Landscaping Company Offering a Full Range of Services

Now every residential or commercial property owner in Kelowna, BC can hire a full-service landscaping and irrigation company in a few clicks. OCI Landscaping, experts with over 15 years of experience, offer their services through a website.

Landscaping can change the look of the property completely and increase its value due to added curb appeal. OCI Landscaping is a Kelowna business that employs experienced professionals who have been working in this industry for over 15 years. They believe that projects of this kind turn out best when they are handled by the same expert from start to finish. Therefore, the company offers to perform all jobs involved in creating and maintaining any kind of landscape.

How Landscaping Matters for a Modern Kelowna Property

The times when landscaping was a luxury available only to the rich are gone, as today this service has become much more affordable. In fact, every house can boast a well-maintained lawn at the least.

How elaborate the garden, yard or front lawn are is a sign of status and these little touches affect the value of the property. For businesses, especially such as restaurants and shops, these matters are extremely important because such natural beauties attract customers.

Companies that don’t need to draw additional attention from the passersby also can benefit from a patch of well-maintained landscape. A ‘green zone’ at the property will provide a place for workers to relax and boost their productivity.

People today are becoming extremely conscious of the environmental pollution and the rapid decline of greenery in cities. Employing a Kelowna landscaping company can help every person with even the smallest piece of land turn it into a gem that will help make the air in the city a little bit better.

Landscaping for Every Homeowner in Kelowna, BC

Nowadays, landscaping is easy as specialized businesses can help every person create and maintain a garden, lawn, or some elaborate landscape artwork. The services provided by professionals include:

• Hedge trimming
• Lawn maintenance
• Fertilization and weed control
• Irrigation
• Seasonal cleanup
• Tree planting and care

OCI Landscaping offers these and a variety of other services. This company is capable of performing any kind of landscaping job, and they provide proof of their work at the Our Projects page of

The mission of OCI Landscaping is the betterment of the community and they achieve it in many different ways. Not only does this firm use the safest methods and supplies to prevent harm to the environment. They also employ mentally challenged and handicapped individuals to help these people become a part of the community and provide them with fulfilling work.

Media Contact
Company Name: OCI Landscaping and Irrigation
Contact Person: Brent Szotak
Phone: 778-214-2352
Address:928 Arbor View Drive
City: Kelowna
State: BC V1W-5B5
Country: Canada