Seahorse Tool: A Unique Multifunctional Keychain Just Launched on Kickstarter

Annecy, France – On April 12 2017, Geoffrey Broisin launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Seahorse Tool, a small multifunctional keychain in the shape of a seahorse. Broisin, founder of Ssenka Design, is passionate about creating unique and original products. Over the years, he has gained experience in web development, product design and computer graphics. Broisin has also worked in metallurgy and woodworking.

“Seahorse Tool is an original versatile keychain with a lot of functionalities,” said the creator, “A little creature, as elegant as it is useful!”

The Seahorse Tool incorporates numerous useful tools that will be helpful to its wearer on a day-to-day basis. Made using the highest manufacturing quality, this easy handling tool is carefully designed to perform and look great too. Its specific outline makes it a unique multifaceted object that combines both aesthetics and usefulness.

This tool is different compared to others like it because it is small, about the size of a normal key, and the possibilities for uses are endless. It is also more affordable than similar multifunctional keychains on the market. Because of its unisex design, it is sure to please both women and men.

The Seahorse Tool can be used as a hook, and its serrated edges can sharpen your pencil or tear soft materials (like cardboard). The Seahorse can also open bottle and paint cans, tighten and loosen small screws and hex keys, prop up a smartphone, open letters or boxes, and much more! This versatility will prove useful on many occasions for those who like to carry this kind of multi-purpose tool with them.

Its small size makes it easy to carry with you, whether you keep in it pocket, on a key ring, or in your glove compartment. Take it with you wherever you go and even when it is not used, it still makes a very cool and original keychain!

The idea for this project was to create an original multifunctional keychain no bigger than your average key. An object that ordinary people can keep with them all the time, not just made for adventurers. The Seahorse Tool was made to appeal to the greatest amount of people.

Now, Broisin has turned to the Kickstarter community to help fund this keychain and share it with the world.

“Seahorse Tool is a new multifunctional keychain you can bring with you anywhere you go!” Broisin explains, “In addition to containing numerous tools, its elaborate design makes this little creature both cute and practical.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one Seahorse Tool for €12, two for €20, and more. Backers can also pledge €94 for ten Seahorse Tools or €460 for fifty Seahorse Tools!

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ssenka Design
Contact Person: Geoffrey Broisin
Country: France