The Song and Dance Show of One Thousand People at Dong Dawuliang Singing Festival is Stirring

When Menlong and Xiaonu, who are lovers in the legend of Dong minority, present the epic love like “The Little Fairy”, would you be touched by them? When a group of children generate the innocent voice before the ancient stilted building, would you smile unconsciously?

When the red sun rises and the straightforward men of Dong minority sing loudly, would you become excited? All these stirring traditional cultures of Dong minority are presented in songs at “Let the World Listen to Dong-Nationality Songs” Dawuliang Singing Festival held in Huaihua Tongdao County at 19:00 on 16 Apr. 2017 and synchronously transmitted by SHOWTV.


A unique interactive singing festival, to touch the world

This Dawuliang Singing Festival might be the most characteristic one in the history of Dawuliang Singing Festival that lasts for three hundred years. Under the charge of famous comperes from Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou, singers of Dong minority from the three provinces (districts) sang rapturously, and brought the sounds of nature before the audience. In addition, tens of thousands of audiences at the site sang the same Dong-nationality song together, all people of the county sang the same song through the video, and even friends from all over the world sang the same song with the audience via VCR! At that moment, the whole world was listening to and singing the same song!

Singers from Three Provinces Influence the Whole World to Sing the same Song, to make the world meet Dawuliang in a romantic way

Review the classic, and show the new style of Dong-nationality song

The old song is sung in a new way, to reshape the classic. This singing festival opened with Love of Wuliang familiar to Dong people. The high sense of national cognition and sense of belonging brought the audience into a romantic scene of “Valentine’s Day” belonging to Dong minority within a short time. In the passionate performance of Menlong and Xiaonu, and the special effect of “The Little Fairy”, you can not only feel the beauty and sadness of love story of Dong minority, but also see the singing sprout and bloom.

The opening song and dance show Love of Wuliang, to make Dong people immersed and present a legendary love story

Except Love of Wuliang, new musical elements and stage elements are integrated into all programs at the singing festival on the basis of original ecology music. In this way, the traditional Dong-nationality song shows brand-new vitality in the new era. When arousing the audience’s nostalgic feelings, it gives rise to a more powerful “influence”. Due to such brand-new performance, Dawuliang Singing Festival that lasts for three hundred years not only presents a brand-new appearance and creates greater attraction, but also becomes the new spiritual home of Dong people in the new era!

Restore the cultural tradition of Dong minority, and connect the past with the present

When the men of Dong minority sing out “the sun rises” loudly, the ancient village will revive, and the primitiveness and roughness hidden in history will awaken your soul that has been dormant for so long. When the work song of Dong minority comes from the stage, the boisterous and unrestrained drinking song and dance will touch your inner heart, and you will be immersed in the straightforwardness and enthusiasm of “drinking in gathering and singing in drinking” unconsciously. When the men and women of Dong minority sit at both sides of the stage, play the bracket harp, and sing to each other soulfully, you will feel the sweetness of love in the deep heart. When the bonfire burns, drumbeat comes, and Dong people sing and dance happily, you will join them unconsciously. This is the attraction of the flourishing Dong culture.

The large folk-custom interactive song and dance show Drinking Song of Dong, to display the “drinking” culture of Dong minority

This Dawuliang Singing Festival has integrated multiple performance modes with vivid performance forms, to explore the original custom of Dong minority, and to restore the traditional love mode of singing as well as the folk song and Dong dance of original ecology. Meanwhile, the brand-new television technique and magnificent stage have perfectly displayed Dong culture, and shaped the classic.

At the evening of 16 Apr., the opening ceremony of Dawuliang Singing Festival was over, and we will enter the links of Dong cultural heritage display and antiphonal singing of folk song on 17 Apr.

This is the huge event of SHOWTV at the 18th anniversary. By cooperating with Hunan Provincial Propaganda Department and Hunan EE-Advertising Co., Ltd., it created the national activity of 2017 – Huaihua Tongdao Dong Dawuliang Singing Festival. Hu Xiang Cultural Heritage Month vocalized strikingly before. The national art treasure sparkles around the world, and non-legacy cultures of Hunan is stepping toward the world!

At this moment, the world is listening to Dong-nationality song quietly.

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