NYC Chiropractor Dr. Perna Explains Exercises for Recovery Following CrossFit Open

NEW YORK, NY – 18 Apr, 2017 – Dr David Perna DC of Back & Body Medical is launching a series of videos via his Facebook and YouTube channels to the public, designed to raise understanding of the importance of working out, the best ways to work out, and the best ways to recover from work outs.

Through these social media outlets, he explains various aspects of working out, with specific emphasis on the crossfit type workouts which are proving very popular at present. Indeed, the doctor himself is a keen partaker of crossfit, and in part, this system of exercise has influenced his motives in providing these instructional and helpful videos.

Dr David says “I normally work out in the morning before commuting to my Midtown Manhattan practice. The training can be very hard, and as a physician, I often see many injuries which have been a result of poor technique, or poor warm ups and warm downs from it. I just want to give something back and help people to understand the proper scientific reasoning behind it, as well as important tips to help improve their own workouts. Thanks to the social media systems we have today, I have the perfect platform to do so.”

In his video titled, “Dr. Perna shows us what active recovery and stretches he suggests you should do to get over the soreness from Crossfit open workout 17.4,” he provides an explanation of what had happened to several people following the workout, and how some came to his office to be treated. The second part he provides live examples of the types of exercises they should do and why. This information provides crossfitters with great ways to handle their recoveries and shows them how to prepare in order to maximize their sessions with lesser risk of injury.

Many of his other videos follow similar patterns, all with the aim of providing quality information to crossfitters.

These videos are free to view and can be found on either his YouTube channel, or his Facebook fan page.

Back and Body Medical has successfully assisted professional and college athletes of varying sports for almost 10 years. Dr. Perna has also led the recovery of countless professional athletes after sustaining a sport’s injury, using award-winning treatments and therapy to provide proficient care and assistance during their rehabilitation. When using exercise to help the body recuperate from activities like the CrossFit open, Dr. Perna emphasizes the focus of the exercises to help with restoring function, speeding recovery, and enhancing future performance. With his guidance, recovery from high-intense workouts will get one’s body on the mend quickly and safely.

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