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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – 18 Apr, 2017 – Clay Hutson today announced that he will be launching his brand new fitness business, Clay Hutson Fitness, at the end of the month.  Having transformed his body dramatically, from a nearly 300 pound frame, to a now 180 pound frame, Clay Hutson knows firsthand exactly what it takes to ‘turn fat, into fit’.

Born and raised in New York City, diehard Yankee fan Clay Hutson remembers what it was like to be bullied when he was younger due to his problems with weight.

“The other kids used to come up with nasty nicknames for me, push me into lockers, make fun of me whenever I would try and talk to a girl.  All of the typical bullying practices.  They didn’t know, or care, that I had a legitimate problem with my thyroid and was battling severe depression, and that just made things worse.  Thankfully, by the time I turned 30 and found the woman that would go on to become my fiancée, I was able to turn my entire life around thanks to a newfound focus on fitness.  It saved my life, and hopefully with Clay Hutson Fitness, I can help others save their lives as well.”

Clay Hutson’s fitness plans are going to be available for all ages, and all sizes.  Whether you’re a 10 year old struggling with sweets, or a 70 year old struggling with the constant slowing of your metabolism and mobility, Clay Hutson will be there for you and provide you with the fitness tips and tricks that you need to succeed.

Longtime client and friend of Mr. Hutson, Andrew Smith says, “Clay Hutson saved my life.  Truly.  I was eating myself to an early grave until I met Clay and he told me about his struggles with diet and exercise, and how he was able to turn his life 180 degrees around.  I didn’t believe him at first, because I thought it would be impossible to change my bad habits.  But here I am, 2 years after embracing Clay Hutson Fitness, fitter than I’ve ever been in my life, and with more self esteem than I ever believed possible.  Thank you Clay!”

While Mr. Hutson has been changing lives and trimming fat for over a decade, this is his first foray into making it an online business.  Via the new website, coming soon, Clay will offer diet tips, exercise regimens, and one on one sessions, so that anyone and everyone that visits his website will have the opportunity to succeed.

“I’m so excited to be able to finally help people around the nation and around the globe.  This truly is a dream come true for me, and hopefully I will soon be helping countless others realize their dreams as well.”

Clayton Hutson Fitness will be launching their brand new website at the end of March 2017.

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