A3 UV Printer for Printing on Phone Covers & Cards Now Available At Economical Prices

GNFEI.COM introduces an A3 UV flatbed printer at economical prices that is ideal for printing on phone covers and cards to help customize the look and style of a mobile phone.

Available with two types of LED UV inks, the flatbed printer introduced by GNFEI.COM offers a simple way of customizing or personalizing a mobile phone. One can use the printer to quickly print beautiful images on the phone cover to change its look or style.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the A3 UV printer can also print in white color as it has the white UV ink. Thus, it is more suitable for printing on black or dark color phone covers. However, one cannot print in white if they use an eco-solvent ink in a flatbed printer. The printer, unlike a flatbed printer, can print on almost any surface directly without a need of a coating or a pre-treatment. Since it prints images without any surface coating, the printing impression lasts longer and cannot be removed by scratches.

A3 UV Printer for Printing on Phone Covers & Cards Now Available At Economical Prices

The spokesperson reveals that this UV flatbed printer can print images with embossed effect as well, and which normal flatbed printers cannot print. After printing the ink of this printer dries very quickly, allowing the printed image to settle quickly. On the other hand, the ink of a normal flatbed printer takes a long time in drying. The printer also features advanced technology of the water cooling circulation system that ensures a low-temperature operation and also extends the UV lamp life. The UV lamp life can be started or stopped in a desired manner without pre-heating and hence saves time.

The company spokesperson is confident that this UV printer is a remarkable breakthrough that can revolutionize the traditional digital printing technology. The printer can print in white ink continually without an interruption and with high precision. It uses the linear mute rail to offer high resolution and stable printing. The UV ink used in the printer is odorless and doesn’t create any pollution. The printed images can be immediately cured and which do not fade away with time.

One can learn more about the printer and its features by visiting the website http://www.gnfei.com


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