Addiction Rehab Toronto Offering Meth Addiction Treatment for the Individual

Patients Receive Comprehensive Treatment in a Positive, Supportive Environment

Addiction Rehab Toronto offers a comprehensive team of therapists, addiction counsellors, and substance abuse specialists for meth addiction treatment that is long-lasting. They strive to provide each patient with the tools they need to overcome the issues associated with addiction and lead a productive, healthy life. The most effective treatment provides the patient with greater self-awareness, a stronger sense of self-worth, and the goals of reaching their full potential going forward.

For many people, addiction begins the first time they use meth. However, meth addiction treatment should be long-lasting. Addiction Rehab Toronto uses a holistic approach to treating individuals and not just their addiction to ensure they complete the program with an understanding of what caused their addiction and the tools they need to remain addiction-free in the future. Some of the types of treatment offered include:

  • Individual Counseling – Patients are monitored to determine their progress as they explore underlying issues
  • Group Counselling – Gives patients the opportunity to talk with others in the same position they are and to enjoy a network of support
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Helps patients change the way they think so they can change their behaviours
  • Physical Fitness and Nutrition – To help patients stay healthy throughout their treatment and learn to maintain their health throughout their recovery
  • Family Counselling – Helps families of individuals going through meth addiction treatment work through the issues that have resulted from the family member’s addiction

Like many addictive drugs, meth must be used in increasing amounts to obtain the same effects. Withdrawal causes anxiety, depression, fatigue, and intense cravings for more of the drug. When meth addiction becomes the controlling force of a person’s life, relationships and normal interests and activities may be put on the back burner. The only thing that is important to the addict is obtaining and using more of the drug. With continued use, there is the potential for many negative effects on the body, including memory loss, weight loss, dental problems including loss of teeth, aggressive behavior, psychosis, and many others.

No one who uses meth has control over their life. Only with experienced meth addiction treatment can they overcome their addiction and resume a normal life. Addiction Rehab Toronto is a trusted resource for addiction treatment in Toronto.

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