Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® and Plasan Carbon Composites Discuss How Carbon Composites Are Changing Automotive Manufacturing

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Los Angeles, CA – April 19, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring Plasan Carbon Composites, the leading Tier 1 supplier of carbon fiber parts and assemblies in the United States.

Automotive manufacturers are consistently looking for ways to make cars more fuel efficient without compromising safety. Thankfully, Plasan Carbon Composites, headquartered in Bedford, NH, has just such a solution. Jim Staargaard, President/CEO of Plasan Carbon Composites sat down with Kathy for an interview that explains what his company currently offers and has been providing as a solution, one many automotive manufacturers will appreciate.

Jim explained that just because carbon composites were lighter than steel, they weren’t any less strong. In fact, he said this about the comparison in weight and strength:

“Carbon composites are actually many times stronger than steel. However, they are much lighter. In the Corvette, for example, the hood when made of steel weighs in at 38lbs, when it was produced via a fiber product it weighed 23lbs. The hood today, using carbon fiber weighs just 12lbs. “

Safety is of utmost importance to any automotive manufacturer, as it should be. Thankfully, just because the carbon fiber is lighter, doesn’t mean automotive manufacturers have to worry about its safety factor. In fact, Plasan Carbon Composites were awarded the following honors that prove this point:

Today, Plasan Carbon Composites are proving the doubters wrong. They are now producing structural parts. These critical parts in a vehicle are vital to safety and functionality. Many said that these parts just couldn’t be made of carbon composite, but Plasan is proving them wrong by successfully producing these parts. According to Kathy Ireland, “Plasan Carbon Composites is positioned as an industry leader in the field of producing light weight manufacturing solutions.”

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