Cyberfunnels is Transforming Businesses Into Automated Money Making Machines

The company has recently released their latest product called a cyberfunnels automated sales and marketing system

April 19, 2017 – CyberFunnels™ has announced the release of their new automated sales and marketing systems addressing the transformation for businesses across virtually every industry.

“CyberFunnels systems are revenue generating assets that operates full-time, around-the-clock, 7 days a week as an automated marketing and sales machine attracting and converting new customers for your business.” said Todd Gregorcic, Co-Founder of Diacom. “CyberFunnels™ Automated Campaigns represent the next phase of how goods and services are being sold to customers, clients and patients.” he added. It is a revolutionary system that will not only increase sales but will literally reshape the way people conduct their business every day.

In addition, CyberFunnels™ are not just ordinary sales funnels. Instead, they specifically combine strategy, marketing, sales psychology and technology. Moreover, they can be used as lead-to-revenue campaigns consisting of multiple components that are programmed to work together as a single cohesive system that all lead towards the same goal that results in acquiring new customers for businesses.
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There are 3 main components that make-up a CyberFunnel. These include the Magnetic Messaging Formula™ that attracts people to the CyberFunnels™ and converts these visitors to warm-leads. Secondly, the Perfect Pitch™ Sales Videos convert warm-leads into highly-qualified prospects. These videos are produced as part of a strategic process and increases productivity dramatically. The third component is Prospects-In-Motion™ Automated Follow-ups that keep prospects engaged with useful content until they are ready to buy.

For further details regarding CyberFunnels and a life-changing three minute experience, please visit and while you are there you can pick up a free copy of their newly released eBook called ‘The Deadly Dozen Manifesto’. 

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