Explore Life’s Hardest Questions in New Novel, “Cavorting with Gods”

COLLEGE STATION, TX – 19 Apr, 2017 – What is truth? How do you define human nature? What is the purpose of life? Author Peter VanDenBeemt explores these imponderables and more in his new novel, Cavorting with Gods. Through the use of an average but struggling protagonist named Frank, VanDenBeemt sheds light on the complexities and frustrations associated with life’s harder concepts.

Frank is faced with an imploding relationship and a broader loss of purpose — challenges made greater by his history of autism, visual impairment, and corrosive family ties. While trying to cope, he’s sent by an implausible but genial host on six deity-graced journeys to strange, enigmatic lands. Each journey puts him in a different world and challenges him to change the world for the better.

Echoing Gulliver’s Travels and Steppenwolf, each is also an allegory, in Frank’s case, for one of six impossible concepts facing contemplation: truth and what is, human nature and free will, suffering and death, morality and justice, faith and the nature of God, and the meaning and purpose in life. Through these journeys, Frank finds the unexpected truth that shapes all of life.

Author Peter VanDenBeemt was born in Philadelphia, PA., and earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from Lehigh University followed by a master’s degree in physics from Boston University. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he made a living as a writer and part-time software engineer. In 2012, he retired and moved to Thailand, where he continues to passionately pursue psychological and spiritual awareness.

Cavorting with Gods is available in softcover (ISBN 978?1?62137?943?0) from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com,
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This book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and United Kingdom.

More information can be found at www.LifeMusings.com

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