ShareParts LLC announces Business Continuity Management Office with PlanBcp

Only $99/month for the enterprise license. Installs into existing Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online implementation

No one is safe when it comes to disaster in the business environment. A company might have a solid project management office, but without a Business Continuity Management Office (BCMO), it is all a waste of time. ShareParts LLC announces their Business Continuity Management Office with PlanBcp. The system leverages office 365 and SharePoint online to provide the foundation of business continuity management office. The BCMO environment enables employees to collaborate while developing plans and helps them know what to do during a disaster. The company has changed their pricing. Now a PlanBcp Enterprise license for unlimited users and unlimited DR/BC plan sites is available for only $99 per month.

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“When disaster strikes, it is undeniably important to have a recovery system. PlanBcp is developed to provide a central point for employees to collaborate and save the company during a disaster. We are introducing the new plan regime because we want more organizations to take advantage of our robust system and protect themselves from losses that may run into millions. We are offering a truly flexible product that is guaranteed to deliver results during a disaster and business continuity effort,” said Arnold Villeneuve of ShareParts LLC.

The concept of BCMO

BCMO requires a team of subject matter expert within an organization to collaborate in a central place. It leverages Office 365 and SharePoint Online to provide the foundation of a BCMO by creating a hierarchical collaboration environment to support the people responsible for plan development coordination and creation. It supports the efforts of these experts to collaborate while developing plans and helps everyone know what to do during a disaster through a built in training portal and secure plan publishing facilities.

How to create a PlanBcp BCMO for your enterprise

The manager can create one or more PlanBcp sub websites from the SharePoint collaboration website. Each sub website has all the team site benefits including document libraries, lists, and calendars. PlanBcp is deployed into a SharePoint website such that it becomes an added APP Solution within it. Once PlanBcp is launched by the end user within a specific sub website, the disaster recovery and business continuity plan development solution starts, and the collaboration process begins. The progress of the team is tracked virtually, and everyone sees how plans progress or stalled so that resources can be pumped into areas that need support.

“PlanBcp makes collaboration more enjoyable and meaningful. It also offers rest of mind and a whole list of tools and resources that every organization needs to set up protection in case of a disaster. In our organization, it has become a powerful tool for all our projects and plans,” said Benjamin T, a PlanBcp customer.

About ShareParts LLC

ShareParts LLC creates Solutions, Features, WebParts, WebSites, Integration and Migration Services for Microsoft SharePoint. The company boasts of over 20 years of combined SharePoint experience, which they invest in helping people build a more secure and collaborative business. ShareParts LLC has offices in the United States and Canada, making them an entity that provides services globally.

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