Gilbert Lane Educates Readers and Encourages Parents on Dealing Children with Autism

This book enables schools, parents and every reader to learn about autism in its clearest spectrum.

Everybody is created equal and some are born special. The former teacher turned author of three books knows exactly how some learners may find some challenges over other students. Hence, he releases his latest book, Autism and Parents With Autistic Children” which is not only out of his long career as a teacher but also drawn by his own experience with his beloved son.

The book is about Autism and Parents with Autistic Children. One in sixty babies is born with autism. There are several theories of autism and there is no single cause for this case. While it continues to rapidly increase year by year, no family can escape from its possible occurrence.

This book contains stories about the lives of parents with autistic children. Gilbert explains the importance of early intervention for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He cites a dire need for intervention treatment programs to guide these children regarding their learning problems and early detection is necessary to take action appropriately.  On chapter 7, he discusses autism and early intervention while chapter 8 highlights ‘behavior modification.’ On chapter 9, Gilbert talks about autism treatment and research.

Most importantly, he appeals that parents play very significant role in molding their children with unconditional love, providence, and support. The quality of their lives may rely on the foundation of their homes for them to grow like normal beings or even accomplish more than the other individuals.

What do Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Andy Warhol, and Mozart have in common? They all have been linked to ASD yet they rose from the odds and lived life to the fullest.

Gilbert M. Lane has not only educated the readers and parents alike, he certainly understands that all have the equal opportunities to live and illuminate others, whether they are born with disabilities or not.

Gilbert M. Lane

Autism and Parents with Autistic Children

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About The Author

Gilbert M. Lane is the father of a 41-year-old autistic son and is a retired Language Arts teacher who taught in an East Harlem junior high school located in Manhattan, NYC. In his 30 years of experience as a teacher, he created many learning and teaching aids. He is the inventor of the copyrighted geography board game, Flagships ™. Gilbert M. Lane is also the author of Reflections on 30 Years of Teaching in East Harlem.

His latest book, “Autism and Parents with Autistic Children,” vividly tells the stories of how these parents endured and triumphed over autism.  Mr. Lane continues to be an advocate for people with developmental disabilities.

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