Anneros Valensi’s Memoir Earns Praises and Compassion

Where is Home? is a compelling memoir of tragedy, survival and courage

German-born Valensi recalls the adversities her family suffered during and after the World War II and the rest is clearly chronicled in her book, Where is Home?

The catchy title is a clue about a girl looking for a place called ‘home.’ During World War II in 1945-1946, the cruelties of the Russian invaders of her homeland in Silesia, East Germany obliterated much of her happy childhood life. It was her mother’s devotion and resourcefulness who had to find ways and means for her siblings not to succumb to hunger. To survive, her mother collected shafts of grain from the fields and boiled them along with field potatoes and nettles found in the meadows.

The difficult part of being a child was leaving the place behind especially her home as she and her family had to move out for their safety. The readers are drawn to a girl in distress who had to leave her doll to focus on bigger picture for her entire family, a selfless act of familial bond.

Lauded by Chanticleer Book Reviews, “Valensi gives us an inside look at her life a different perspective of what life was like behind the “enemy” lines as a child. She chronicles her childhood filled with fear and uncertainty of growing up in a war torn country to her young adulthood filled with pride and achievement in “Where is Home?” – How a Childhood in East Germany during World War II Shaped my Adult Life.

Childhood, Her inspirational account will draw you right into the heart of a strong young person who never gave up the search for a better life.” A verified reviewer on Amazon added, “I love how this story was told through the voice of a young girl. What an amazing life. The memoir was so interesting and easy to read, once I began I didn’t want to put the book down. I am hoping for the sequel of her life in the United States!”

Anneros says, “We can learn to overcome personal hardship with perseverance and inner strength.” And with many people asking for the sequel, she just released “Finding Happiness in America — How My Adopted Country Healed My Life” which focuses on her life after the war in a new home.

Anneros Valensi

Where Is Home?

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About the Author

Anneros Valensi was born in Falkenau, Silesia, East Germany, in 1938. In 1944 the family, mother with five young children, was displaced due to World War II activities. After their return they had to live under Russian occupancy a cruel life of hunger and danger. In 1946 the Eastern population was evicted from their homeland and resettled in West Germany. Valensi studied to be a nurse graduating in 1958.

After the horror she had seen at the young age of six, she finally started to feel free now to explore the world and she did. In 1961 she moved to London, England to improve her English. While working there she met an American couple, who inspired her to visit America. She went to see the World Fair and became curious to learn more about the US. A year later she applied with Trans World Airlines to train as flight attendant, was hired and arrived in America in 1966.

Valensi has two children and three grandchildren. She continued studying to make more dreams come true and to own her own Fashion Boutique. She opened her business and then when her husband fell ill and needed care, eventually she had to give it up to care for him.

Now restless again she published her memoir “Where is Home” How a Childhood in East Germany during World War II Shaped my Adult Life. It takes you along to celebrate her new awakening and shows how you can create a happy life for yourself.

Her new book “Finding Happiness in America” How My Adopted Country Healed My Life, was just published and is available at Amazon in soft cover and Kindle.

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