Airwheel Introduces Smart Electric Bikes, Helmets and Wheelchair to the Whole World at The 2017 Canton Fair

From April 15th to 19th, 2017, it is opened in China import and export fair complex, 382 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China. Airwheel takes all its classic and new electric folding bikes and smart wheelchair to attend the fair, whose Booth number is 144, Hall 12.1.

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Airwheel, the world-famous intelligent gadgets manufacturer, aims at user-friendly and environmental-friend travel transports and leisure tools for a long time. China import and export fair is an excellent chance to introduce Airwheel electric scooters, citizen folding electric bike, helmet camera and powered wheelchair to the whole world.

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2017 Canton Fair
In order to solve those social problems, like the harmful exhausts and traffic jam, it needs someone to solve those problems. It is Airwheel who notices that potential business opportunity and decides to devote itself to user-friendly and environmental-friendly travel transports. All these years, Airwheel has achieved great success in intelligent power scooter. However, it isn’t known by all people. In fact, it just needs a showcase and China import and export fair is the one to let more people know Airwheel. Airwheel electric scooters, such as X-series, S-series and Z-series, belong to classic scooter types and are widely popular among people. People can use it as travel transports in the daily life or leisure plaything in the spare time. What is more, all of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters are pollution-free and can avoid traffic jam easily. They make the planet much cleaner and more relaxing.  
2017 Canton Fair
On the fair, Airwheel also brings smart wheelchair, S8MINI sitting-posture electric scooter and Z8 folding electric scooter. Among them, the smart wheelchair indicates the great progress made by Airwheel. It relies on built-in remote control and audio acquisition system to make their travel much safer than ever. S8MINI and Z8 are widely enjoyed by the girls and kids. The advent of C6 and C8 herald the shift in Airwheel’s focus on the traditional electric scooter. It is obvious that Airwheel has one eye for the new field. The smart helmets cannot merely protect the rider from hurt but also the rider can listen to music and take photos by wearing it.
2017 Canton Fair

Rich scooter types of Airwheel can satisfy different travel needs of people in the life. Welcome to Booth 144, Hall 12.1 and experience it personally.

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