An ideal solution for job boards, recruitment agencies and labor market analytics firms

Bangalore, India – April 19, 2017 – As the job market continues to evolve in the digital era, the sustenance and growth of businesses attached to labor market will largely depend on the way they leverage data. Currently, there is vast amount of publicly available job data available on the company websites and that data can be used to power business growth by delivering in a ready-to-use format. Keeping this factor in the purview, PromptCloud (a pioneer in Data-as-a-Service) has launched JobsPikr – a job data delivery platform that provides job feeds by extracting data directly from the career pages of company websites across the globe.

“When we launched our free job feeds solution from few job portals, we saw a surge in subscriptions. That was a stark indicator of the incessant data needs of the recruitment industry, irrespective of the global market conditions. That’s when we thought the HR industry was in need of a tool like JobsPikr, that could extract jobs at scale in an automated manner,” said Arpan Jha, Head of Market and Product Strategy.

JobsPikr runs on top of a powerful machine learning algorithm that is smart enough to detect, extract and deliver job data from hundreds of company websites in a format that can be directly used by businesses. This proprietary AutoExtract technique ensures high-quality data delivery with daily refresh without any interruption in the data flow.

The data feed delivered by JobsPikr comes with curated website bundles from different geographies and individual sites. A bundle would contain data from multiple websites that belong to a particular geography and the same would be reflected in the bundle name. For example, “Popular-USA” bundle would deliver data from the websites of the popular companies in the U.S. The monthly subscription fee for website bundles starts from $250 and individual sites come with a flat rate of $5. Businesses have the flexibility to download the data in CSV, XML and JSON format or use the product’s REST API to automatically publish the data to their FTP server, Amazon S3 or Dropbox account.

This job data solution will add substantial value to businesses such as job boards, recruitment agencies, and labor market analytics firms. Job boards can scale their portals by adding high quality and fresh job listings automatically every day. This will improve the job listings available for candidates, build loyalty and attract new clients. Recruitment agencies will be able to generate better leads by identifying the staffing requirements of companies from various regions. They will also be able to provide a customized list of job opportunities to the job seekers. Labor market analytics companies will be able to leverage structured, high quality and latest job listings to find the labor trends. Apart from that, companies can build intelligence with this data to gain insights into the recruitment activities of competitors and customers.

With JobsPikr, we aim to democratize the access to publicly available job data on the web for businesses across the world and help them focus on growth without worrying about data acquisition.

About PromptCloud (parent company):

PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based company that specializes in custom and large-scale web data extraction and has been operating for close to 9 years. As a data solutions company, PromptCloud has clients from all over the world. Vertically agnostic, clients include enterprises, start-ups & SMEs from various sectors like E-commerce & Retail, Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Marketing & Business Research, Analytics etc.

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