Beth Grant Is Making Personalized Marketing Strategies Her Clients Can Feel Good About

Marketer and consultant Beth Grant is helping business owners create authentic targeted marketing strategies based upon her trademarked system, the Archetype Alignment Grid.

Beth Grant of Truth & Consciousness ( is dedicated to helping her clients tweak their marketing strategies to boost sales through creating more authentic messaging.

“I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a dramatically higher response to their marketing in a way that feels good to them, using a revolutionary set of archetypes I developed called the Archetype Alignment Grid,” Grant says.

Grant’s trademarked system, the Archetype Alignment Grid, went viral in October 2013, after which more clients began waking up to what she had to offer. With her unique system, Grant is able to help her clients create more authentic marketing campaigns that reach clients where they are, making sales relationships easier and connections more genuine.

“Seeing the relief people feel when they realize they get to be themselves and they can stop trying to do what the charismatic ‘marketing gurus’ tell them to do,” Grant says. “Those marketing tactics never work for most people because they just weren’t built for them.”

Understanding that marketing campaigns are not one-size-fits-all, Grant’s services help her clients create tailored messaging that helps them reach their specific client base. Working with Grant, clients can expect: a higher response to marketing, to develop a personalized, authentic marketing campaign that speaks to the right buyers, to learn how to market effectively for their businesses, to earn more income with less effort through establishing a more authentic approach, and to more fun running their own business with less stress.

“My work has impacted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, speakers and authors who have big hearts and feel icky using traditional manipulative sales and marketing methods,” Grant says. “They are able to easily attract income and opportunities by aligning what they do with who they truly are. I routinely have people write me emails while crying tears of relief realizing there is nothing wrong with them. They are simply trying to market in someone else’s truth and there is a better way.”

Considering herself a “thought leader”, Grant understands that starting a business is difficult with a very steep learning curve. With her help, Grant’s clients are able to sidestep some of that difficulty by learning how to effectively craft unique marketing campaigns that are both grounded and able to reach their intended targets; not through shouting louder, but by thinking better.

“I see a lot of time and money wasted on marketing solutions that have huge promises but disappointing results,” Grant says. “One of my goals is to help entrepreneurs be better buyers by identifying their archetypes and knowing which marketing solutions are truly right for them and which offers to walk away from.”

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