The Gift of Heart Failure Released on Amazon

Designed To Help People Feel Motivated and to Look At the Better Parts of Life

April 19, 2017 – Dan Weiniger is an intriguing figure who had worked in the visual communications field after studying at Arizona State and Farleigh Dickinson. But one day he had a heart attack for the second time in his life. He went through many procedures but with nearly 80 percent of his heart having died, he is waiting for a heart transplant.

His physical worries and struggles have inspired him to write a brand new book that is coming soon. The new book is called The Gift of Heart Failure. It is a book that is all about what he called the 12 Fabulous Fundamentals associated with living a better life. The book is currently available on Amazon and will have a paperback version coming later in the next week.

After spending nearly 55 days in the hospital and dealing with many concerns over waiting for a transplant, Weiniger discovered that he has been given a gift in the form of a more positive and controlled life.

The book is about a number of important topics. It starts out about understanding how to overcome fear and how to appreciate all the little things in life. It is especially about being kind to others and being enthusiastic over life. This is all about understanding how to have a better and more enjoyable life in many forms.

The stories that Weiniger talks about are made with a number of key points to help inspire people to live fuller lives. His discussions include many great real-life experiences while also bringing about his own stories of recovery with a bit of humor as well. The work that he has put into this book shows the intense and beautiful feeling that he has for life and how he wants other people to enjoy the world for what it is life. This all will make a world of difference to all who read the book.

Dan Weiniger is hoping that with this book he is able to encourage people in the future. His goal is to help people understand that there are always going to be positive things for people to live for and enjoy in their lives. The stories that he holds are intriguing and will help people change their attitudes about the world.

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