One Dear World: Multicultural dolls and stories to promote diversity

A multicultural family is on a mission to encourage young children to appreciate themselves and respect others

One Dear World, a London-based family startup is proud to announce the launch of its multicultural soft doll collection on the International Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination. With a mission to promote diversity and inclusion to children, the company is set to raise £18,000 on Indiegogo to produce first batch of their dolls and children book.

This initiative is the brainchild of a husband and wife team. Winnie Mak is from Hong Kong and Rafael Tselikas is half French half Greek, they felt the need to bridge the gap and reach out to every child together through multicultural dolls irrespective of where they live or come from. Having grown up in different cultures gave them first-hand experience in cross-cultural relationship. They believe that a lot of conflicts could be avoided if everyone has a better understanding of their differences and work together to find a common ground.

“We believe we can advance peace in the world by introducing world cultures to children and teaching them to appreciate others from a young age.” Winnie Mak, Founder of One Dear World

Meet the Dear Dolls

This unique set of multicultural soft dolls consists of 16 dolls from different cultural and ethnicity groups. In this crowdfunding campaign, 4 of them – Hope (African), Jun (Eastern Asian), Lea (European) and Parth (South Asian) are offered. Through this collection of dolls, One Dear World wants children to be able to appreciate and love themselves as they are, respect others regardless of the racial and cultural background they come from, and see themselves in a future where everyone is included.

Children book featuring environmental protection

In their children’s book, these 4 good friends are embarking on a journey to London in search of a cure to Mr. Globe’s headache. Not only can the parents enjoy reading the story and introduce this international city to their children, they can also teach their children about diversity and environmental protection.

The funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will go towards completion of the project, demonstrating the power of diversity and oneness to the world. One Dear World’s Indiegogo campaign will run from 21st of March, until 19th May 2017.

About One Dear World

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Winnie Mak, Founder (+44 7796 784 795) | Rafael Tselikas, Co-founder (+44 7454 319 429)

Indiegogo campaign: 19th update, 58% raised, 214 backers


Twitter & Instagram: @onedearworld


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