On its way to building an international rafting brand, Yushu awaits the topmost rafting companies

A special travel route, “Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip (in the Three Rivers Source Region)”, was released to the world by the authorities of Yushu, Qinghai province, on April 14th, 2017, the seventh commemoration day of Yushu earthquake. The route aims to attract tourists and rafting enthusiasts all over the world to come to Yushu and share with them the beauty of Three Rivers Source Region.

“Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip” is another step taken to make Yushu a city of rafting. The high quantity of rivers and high river-drop make the city the National Training Ground of Highland Rafting and one of the most worth-visiting rafting places on the highest places of the world. The route released this time is a breakthrough in making an international rafting tour route in China.

“Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip” will show you the brilliant city landscape together with the well-known local scenic spots, and the Tibetan cultural sites.

The “Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip” has been well designed: the route applied motor yachts that have technique of the same level as those used in Grand Canyon, Colorado. The travelling experience is also alike, by combining rafting and travelling. The tour begins at White Tower Ferry, which is a famous cultural sites of time-honored Tibetan Buddhism. Floating down along Tongtian River, a lots of scenic spots are standing coastwise: Monument of Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve, Monument of Yao Maoshu (the first man to raft down Yangtze River), the stone where Master Tang dried wet Sutra and Gaolaozhuang (from the masterpiece Journey to the West), and ends at the historical sites of Lebagou Petro Glyph. You will also see many terrific stone carving arts of White Tower Ferry, Labu Village which is an ancient Tibetan village and the Temple of Wencheng Princess. The Tibetan Prayer Flags, Pagoda, terrace and Marnyi are also around there.

7 years after the huge earthquake in Yushu, the city nowadays has been rebuilt and has come to a renewal. “Develop a beautiful new city of ecological civilization and harmony”, the new spirit of Yushu, has been a guide that helped Yushu developed with unique eco-friendly tourism. And river rafting, as one of the sign of the city, will help promote the city’s development in tourism.

These years, Yushu has made a lot of achievements in developing tourism and the government continuously supports it. By the end of last year, the State Council issued the Blueprint of Tourism Development in the 13th Five-Year Plan. This can be seen as a good chance for Yushu to develop its tourism. Because of the advocate of the governors, Yushu held the 2015 Rafting in China and 2016 Rafting World Cup owe to its abundance of rivers and time-honored boat rafting history. Last year, the 2016 Rafting World Cup, cooperating with International Rafting Federation and the Center of Water Sports of General Ministration of Sports, and China Extreme-sports Association, gives the city an opportunity to communicate with the world and make progress in becoming one of the cities that are special at rafting.

Today, Yushu is becoming more influential in the world because of its rafting sport. The city will promote and communicate more with all kinds of travel resources in home and abroad, so as to make its rafting tour more attractive and competitive.

The “Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip”, as an important project of the city, will promote the tourism in Yushu as a whole and make it better-known, so that build a solid foundation for the city to become a global-based tourism city. In the future, rafting tours will turn into large-scales. The city isplanning to gradually introduce several world-leading companies that are doing business with rafting and make Yushu a rafting-specialized tourism city together. Rafting will contribute a lot in the city’s development.

Last August, President Xi said when he is investigating in Qinghai, that Yushu locates in the source of three great rivers in China who are the mother rivers of China. Because of this, when developing and exploring this area, the environment must be protected at the same time. Today, Yushu is making itself more influential and competitive in eco-tourism, through its eco-friendly rafting tour project. In the future, Yushu will stick to the idea of ecology goes first, eco-development and keep human and water in harmony. The city will take full advantage of rafting and lead the economy to a benign progress, making it a city with ecology protecting, rafting and sightseeing, Tibetan culture experiencing, and a globalbased city special of rafting.

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